Why you should buy a Samsung smart TV -Blow to looters as Samsung remotely switches off stolen TV sets

Electronics giant Samsung has “blocked” TVs that were stolen in South Africa during the unrest in July, rendering them unusable.

The company says it has an inbuilt “block function” on its TVs that can be used to remotely disable the sets.

The function is activated when a user of a stolen TV or one that has been acquired unlawfully connects to the internet, according to Samsung.

The system checks the identified TV’s serial number against the list on its servers before disabling its functionality.

South Africa had weeks of violent protests and looting last month that left more than 300 people dead and property worth billions of rands ransacked.

Some of the reportedly popular items that were stolen were smart TVs.


So if I don’t log in I can still use it

But the script said CONNECT TO INTERNET??? @Eng’iti wacha ujinga kula mandissi uanze kufikiria

Tofauti iko wapi?

Upuss connect via a box or stick and they will never find out

Maybe he has only owned a dumb 14" TV.


Yaa omoisioyo heshimu Chisokoro



Wtf was going on ndio Becky alambishwe sahani

si wange track wachukue TV yao basi

Batunyarire niaje. Ume landi bwakire waruree.