Why you need to spare us ... (The 'join me in congratulating' bull)

[CENTER][SIZE=5]I didnt fail, as this thread may suggest …heaven knows
On days when examination results come out, even on those that we celebrate national holidays, i give TV and Radio a total miss
Feck i hate repetitive news, “ohh, tell us the secret to your performace” …ohh schools celebrating carrying students shoulder high
Si unaelewanga hizi vitu?

So when you come here with your ‘join me’, i wonder if u mistaking this place for facebook. I bet that A, A-, B+ is from your wife’s lineage

Spare us this, and i will spare you some matusi

Otherwise, dare me nikunukishe tako [/SIZE]


Tuliza makende



Hii picha ya @uwesmake umetoa wapi

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Sewage rat!!

Lakini ya Eliud si ya lineage ya mamake

Wee Enda Ukiumaga…

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Pole. Ata wako akirepeat atapita.


Na utacelebrate

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huyo ni yaya toure naona hapo