Why would someone want to kill such a beauty

KMTC is a hot bed [ATTACH=full]373028[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]373029[/ATTACH]


The twisted mentality that, ‘if I don’t have you, no one will.’

Siwezi lipa more than 200

Kalenjin men have a crazy ego. They can’t stomach being left by a woman. They would rather kill you and spend the rest of their lives in Kamiti.

Apprently he isnt Kale but a native of the Lake. Here is the story Ex-boyfriend of murdered KMTC student arrested

Oh I thought ni ile ya Eldoret

Hii ni ya uko kwa Owiti. Apparently the DCI officer wa uko is on her toes since of late tht county has had a number of killings

Homa Bay? Of late Jaruo zimeamua kumalizana in Homa Bay and Siaya counties. This should be thoroughly investigated

I work uko so i have been keen on it. Also since am a married bachalor i do often eat kwa hizo canteen za MTC nikingarisha macho. I know i will get to know the whole story behind her killing

Nitafutie kienyeji msuri from the college nitatoa ya macho

Hapa hapana ni kukula kwa macho tu. You see H/bay county is ranked as having the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in Kenya, with the prevalence rate of over 25%.

Exactly. Chances za kupata dem ako na ukedi is too high. But of course nikapeleka CVT kwanza

[quote=“ChifuMbitika, post:13, topic:260793”]

Exactly. Chances za kupata dem ako na ukedi is too high. But of course nikapeleka CVT kwanza
Sawa soon i will inbox you but sio wa homabay. Nitakutumia ya Bukusu. As a brother my advice is Homaby usijaribu. Actually the HIV infection could be much higher than reported. The Unacheki MTC girls are high risk.[/QUOTE]

I am eagerly waiting my brother

Cheza kaa wewe

Kabisa baba

Unajua CVT ni transmission ya gari? Unamaanisha VCT?


Hiyo star article comments zake kuna mwanamke hapo anafoka kufoka akigusia age difference between the two. Guy is 37, girl is 23. Anasema 37 yr old is “a barbaric creature who is too old to seek love from KMTC”. Ati she is still young and finding her bearings in life. She does not care to mention that a 37 year old is indeed one of the bearings these girls fervently search out for and pursue with a passion.