Why Women Shouldn't Preach


The bible states clearly that women should not preach. Actually it Even states that “I did not suffer for a woman to Preach”!!
I know this does not rub many shoulders well…
Well, I have explained from another perspective this whole controversial subject.
The summary of reasons is as follows:

  1. Tempting the Angels.
  2. Corrupting/defiling the alter.
  3. Power of visual (for Men).
  4. There is no record of a woman preacher in the bible.

There are many duties a woman has in the church and responsibilities however, but Not Preaching or Teaching a congregation with men.
I will explain those as the thread continues.

Feel free to engage in this talk, ask questions, comment and expound on the same.
From where I stand, women should not teach PR preach to men in church…

Ngojea kidogo tu wafike. Hawatakaa saana.
And from then henceforth, you will know the power of feminazi…

Is it that you think we are too stupid or what that you even pretend to instruct us on what to do with your prejudices?

If you think they should,that’s your opinion based on a book who authorship and authenticity is questionable in the first place…

What am I trying to say? That I do not care where they do or they don’t.

Just do not carry us kinsmen female she (people thats auto correct version of kimalengemalenge)

Haha that is funny. I wonder why you would reply if you really actually don’t care… Shows you do but you like to be persuaded to come out :wink:

Niko hapa nawasubiria

Tangu umeze dictionary juzi hushikiki…

…Pole pole kabla kiburi ikunyonge ibidi kuteremshwa na mkojo ya wanakijiji

Hahaha not fair

Hio ni ndoto… Sio kiburi… Here is a very genuine explanation of why women shouldnt. Many men will burn in hell just being in that church and partaking in that sweet sin

Boss nikimeza dictionary,you were still a tadpole. Believe me.

You got it all wrong. But again,we see what we want to see…

True Sir, but the truth is Universal


There are simply not enough words to express how many fuck ups I want to tell you to go shut…

Pole sana ndugu…
Besides that, my subject is do u think the women preachers will actually lead any man to Heaven? Which man can look at them without noticing something tempting?

nakubaliana females wakae jikoni watupikie ugali na skuma

But my comment still stands…

Anyone who thinks that the new breed of preachers,male or female, will lead them to heaven is a dolt.

Thats taking it too extreme! You want to radicalize the idea!! :smiley:
They have many duties they can take up at church but not the subject

Can you not see that I am trying to ignore you… Please don’t be rude

I would suggest that you spare some time and effort…read through my posts and comments. I will also do the same in ya profile…then come back here and engage in a little tête a tête…

It is not fair to generalize… There are genuine preachers… With that line of thinking we might take it like you just want an excuze to continue sinning and running far from God