Why Women should not help men

By the way this goes for also over helping male relatives. Kuna wamama wanajipa fees za wajukuu in their old age as their strong adult son is doing nothing. Wako wengi sana. Wale wa kuchukulia wanaume loans. Wale wa kujengea wanaume like Keitany, wale wa kulisha wanaume, wale wa kumove in wanaume into your house. Please ladies if you have to be a work mule do it for yourself. Not for an able bodied fully grown man. 2020 hatutaki kuona kesi za ujinga like Keitany. Ladies need to stop being weak and allowing men to misuse them and take advantage of their giving nature.

A man should never in first place know what you own. If you are in your own house tell him that you are renting. If you have property he should never know about it ever. If you have money he should not know. A man should never come to expect money from women. He is the provider. As mandated by God. Hata kama ni flat unainua never let a man get wind of it. So that asifikiria he has it made and relax. I know many women who were betrayed after kujitolea mhanga. They tell me that when a man wants something from you, he will become an angel. Others tell me that the men threatened to leave if the woman did not get a loan. That is called extortion and you should not trust anyone who can use emotional blackmail to get money from you.

Hawa watu ukiwaonyesha weakness they are ruthless. You must be like getting milk out of a stone. I heard of a man threatening to beat his mother for not paying his children’s fees. If you nurture entitlement in men, don’t be shocked by the disrespect and betrayal that follows it will be inevitable. Nobody respects a donkey or a work mule. Even when the mule is their own mother. Say no to exploitation and enabling bad behavior and laxity in men by helping them.


You hear guys? Do you expect any woman to respect you if you are providing for her? Hakuna mtu udhamini punda.

Well, I get it however, when you are with a man, when he is on his low you should be able to help. I do assist mine when he loses his job so I take over paying rent etc and even give him a stipend to spend on the weekends as much as I help him job search. Then when he gets back on his feet he takes over his duties. The issue with most men they see when a lady is helpful they leach and don’t make themselves better especially these 20-30’s nikama wazazi walifanya shida tupu!

I was shell shocked to hear a story of a young man threaten his own mother for refusing to pay his kids fees. It’s insane the entitlement out here. Yaani uzae mtu, umlee, then he now wants to turn you into his mule.

Personally it’s a very foreign concept to me. I have never done a joint venture with a man not even a relative. I have never financed anything for a man. I don’t tell men what I have and I notice it’s only gold diggers who want to know what you have. Ukianza kuona mwanaume anakuliza what you own, how much you make, umesoma to what level. That is a gold digger right there who is looking for a woman mule. I believe that this is a man’s world and everything is in their favor so I need to be looking out for the underdog who is me. Its like a black person helping a white person when everything in the system is stacked in their favor. Me I can never help you. The system has helped you enough. Biology has helped you. Why do I need to again help you and who will help me?

I know ladies who are building flats and the husband has no idea. So I am not saying don’t develop your self for yourself but mambo ya kuku a the man of the house issa no. Keitany was playing the role of the man. Pay rent arrears then move him into your house then go to his ancestoral land to build him a home. It’s abnormal. It’s unnatural.

Na kuna watu wamezoea. Even their exes used to pay for them rent. Or fees. Now their wife bought the car and pays fees and the mortgage. So they are entitled so they know women are their mules. Be it the mother, wife, baby momma, girlfriend.

Wengine hata job Wali wacha kufanya coz why bother when you married mother Christmas. I heard of a lady who was giving the house husband stipend ya 10k a day so one day she got fed up akasema hampei pesa anymore since he had refused to work. Jamaa alimpiga hadi akamgoa meno and the stipend returned. Insanity is real out here. Women I know. You will be killed for trying to change a precedent of giving stipend as if mtu ni mtoto apewe stipend.