with this analogy utakamuliwa na kutupwa haraka sana na so called rich men,

Birrionares wamejitambua apan tambua gold diggers, just another toilet paper.

Proper advice should be You look for a man with goals ,a hard worker whom you build wealth together

Just look at most of the rich and powerful and ask yourself questions about their wives ,like if they started dating when they were already rich and powerful?

Otherwise akina uwesmakende watakufunga macho na x6, ukamuliwe na uachwe ukikauka. Singo matha pap.

@GeorginaMakena you are up at 12am telling us how being seen with or around poor men may ruin your reputation and standing in society? I wonder what is ailing your life to be this daft, arrogant and ignorant. Have you noticed that it is your foul attitude and judgmental nature that make people run away from you as opposed to the “high maintenance” tag you throw around? There is something you desperately are compensating for with these complaints of yours (they don’t qualify to be called posts)

And you @Purple I don’t really like the colour but the attitude, outlook and esteem you have towards your guy is more than admirable. I wish that is something we could school for, Tungepeleka huyu @GeorginaMakena huko


Kwani hamjui George ameolewa na reach husbandry

You’re the opposite of the men that keep bitching here, the difference is that you’re a lady. Are you seriously asking what a lady should bring to the table? No wonder you’re still single @ 38

This is EXACTLY what I mean. Challenge a man and everything else goes downhill. I am sure you are one step away from saying how big my vagina happens to be.

Instead of arguing all day si tuseme tu Long story short,whether rich or poor,irespectibe of gender, dont bother dating anyone above or below you. Watu wakae lane zao an upgrade and degrade according their economy

Who reads…

I come here just for the comments.

uko na lugha we murembo usiwe na hasira its not that serious.

Which character ? Character ya wanaume ni moja!

A woman is just as capable of making money as a man is, so this business of potentials I completely dont get it. Women dating poor men make it sound like kuvumilia poverty is the price you have to pay for a woman to end up with a rich man because the only route to wealth for a woman is via a poor man who she stuck by until he became rich. Let me tell you my deer out of one man who ‘rewards’ (though its not a reward if you helped him get the wealth) his ride or die woman there are one million who will dump that loyal woman for a richer ,beautifuler ,younger woman. I hope yours will not be one of those who upgrade once theyre in the benjamins. Best of lack !

Usijali I will use guerilla tactics,nangusha bomb then na hirbernate

No…case in point your own dad is a man of good standing ,right?

Ofcourse you are poor and cant just afford a woman like me hence you need those motivational supporters because on your own youve failed to achieve you now need a woman to loan you money,house and feed you and piga you jeki ! Ive said it and I will say it again Calling women gold digger,hoe,one night stand sijui not wife material will not obliterate the fact that wewe kama mwanaume hutoshi mboga to date certain caliber of women. And what is this wife material? Inanunuliwa wapi? Ngara. MEN!!! Broke ass men! Always hating on women for having standards they cant meet. The day you agree to marry a fat ugly woman come here to preach why women shouldnt look at a man’s networth. I will listen to you when you walk the talk. Or is it only women who should make sacrifices and accept whatever useless man who makes advances at them? Boss! You men have too many entitlement issues. But Ive got newsflash for you, no man is entitiled to any woman and a woman has a right to reject you for whatever reason she deems fit. So there. Go ahead ,call me names.Fact remains truth hurts.

I will not discuss my father with you! Even if he were the devil,he’d still be of good standing because at the very least he gave me half my DNA. However I will reiterate as a married woman and as an obbserver of universal male character and behaviour. Wanaume wote character yao ni moja.

Alafu nikupate ukikula mtura pale kwa corner, kikombe ya supu kando na pili pili mob ya kupelekeshana. Ama zako ni boiled egg na mahindi choma?:D:p

chill gal, I do not want you to discuss your pops either, you are the one who did that in countless posts and we got the impression that he raised you well and he even found you another perfect gentleman to marry you off to.:slight_smile:

Btw I just copy pasted the two stories ,me Ive never dealt with a broke ass sooo dont shoot the messenger. I know Ive hit the spot when abuses like daft,arrogant and ignorant leave peoples mouths. If it didnt hit a nerve why should you get worked up. These are just some girls opinion why get so worked up unless you another broke ass nigga? Well since you are not admin I ccan post whatever the hell I want na hakuna chenye utafanya except to whine like the broke ass you are.Also we are not in the same time zone so dont judge me by your time.


And btw why do men always assume that women who daate only reach men are poor themselves? Theyre plenty of rich single women but then how would you know that if you yourself are not rich enough to access them? You’d think all women have nothing but pussy bcz thats the caliber of women you know.