Why women should date up ALWAYS

She explains it so well. If you date down you will have the role of upgrading a man to your standard. Unfortunately most men will resent you for helping them bcz they prefer to be independent and self made. Before he climbs the ladder he’ll be trying to bring you down to his level by being abusive. After he gets to your level he will look for someone who will look upto him and he doesn’t owe his success to.

Number 2 when you are going through terrible life circumstances you are vulnerable so don’t enter relationships or even date at that point, you are bound to end up with someone toxic bcz when you are down, whetheryou are sick or grieving or struggling with something your vibration is low and you are not your usual self.

I know women are good people but don’t let men take advantage of you. And I mean all men not just bfs or husbands. I have an orphan I assist but I realized that he’s not caring toward his only sibling his younger sister. I have been advising him that as big bro, he and his extended family should help her out. Recently the relative she lived with died and she went into shock. She’s lived with this woman since she was a child. I told him that they would have to figure it out bcz I have helped him to be financially stable with a good job Atleast. The point is men will take advantage of you if you let them. Including your brothers. So I know it’s hard but you must try and force yourself to be more selfish. Helping is good but men have more advantages in a patriarchal society, it’s them who should be helping you not the other way around.

You already have enough challenges of periods and the other many things that women go through in their bodies and lives. Not forgetting that you are bound to outlive almost all men you know so since mens lifespan is shorter by about 20 years, they need to help you before they die. You will be left struggling with life for a good 20 years after they are gone. Women need all the help they can get. Men have no other job in life other than to provide. How come women juggle so much yet they are still expected to help men provide for the family. I know it’s hard bcz we are maternal but you can reprogram yourself to be selfish and to care less about these people even when they are suffering and you feel woiye. Take that money you want to help him with and buy yourself something frivolous. Bcz you can’t do feminine roles then you still do man’s only role in life which is to provide in a world that is more hostile to women.

They can date Ben 10s and be their sponyos too.

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Not in this economy.