why women HATE HATE HATE ktalk

Because ktalk elders shine a light on gender dynamics. We compare notes about the stinky smelly things that women do.

A year ago @MasterYoda woke up to the fact that he was as sexually appealing to his wife as a pile of pebbles. His own utility was to provide the bucks to educate watoto wa kamagera.

@MasterYoda is not the only one. Plenty of betas are waking up to the fact that they’ve been lied to theit whole lives. Many of them are absconding marriage. Plenty others are refusing to give women free meals, free drinks, and validation.

And that’s really, really bad for women. Because women need the beta’s money just as much as they need the Alpha’s seed. That’s the reason whores like @Freyja are screaming like banshees from the rooftops, trying to shame, abase, degrade, and belittle people like yours truly who are not afraid of spilling the dirty secrets.

Ktalk is very toxic. only very strong women can survive here.

Hapa we say it as it is. Wametuzoea sana. kwanza hiyo statement ya ma ghaseer hapa; “…kukula na kuingia Mitini” Wanawake wanaskia mauchungu sana banae :smiley:
I think it rings a huge bell on their past encounters na mafisi.

Kwanza wyf hapendi story ya kijiji…because most post are enlightening…apart chokosh wars

They can’t survive here because just like the LGBTQU (The U standing for homosexual @uwesmake ) women survive in forums with heavy censorship.

Forums where if you call her fat she goes crying to the admins. Hapa hakuna hio coz hapa inakuanga gloves off. For a woman to survive here lazima akuwe tough.

You log into Ktalk with your wife?

Ile siku atajoin bila wewe how will she think of you akiona zile vitu huwekwa rexxmbwa?

Unacheka nini homosexual? You’ve had no business with women ever since

Niaje mkisii…

mkamba, kwa hivyo unasema sisi woote ni toxic? :D:D

mi si mkamba naishi tu huko. yeah this place is toxic if you are weak of mind

I agree with your view

I respect a lot of guys huku and you are among them. Guys who know when to punch and when to let a downed man just live are what we need more of.

It’s never personal for me, I’ll wipe the floor with you on one thread and support you on the next. It’s the content that matters

Nachekanga vile mwanaume mzima kama wewe kupupu kitandani. Tutaanza sasa tukuchangie pesa za adult diapers.
Meffi wewe!

Mi sidhani there’s a Ktalk women I dislike. hata mmeru even though nilimkatia akakataa I still respect her so much. Kuna mwingine who was so stupid kuniexpose nikimkatia but bado niko namrespect, then we have angels like Freyja na Finest Wine. I know we give them a very hard time. Women are the only people with a justification to block anyone.
I dont really have disrespect for anyone except that guy that simps too low for meru.

You still have a long way to go ndio ukubaliwe… Women are a complicated lot. Being Mr. niceguy doesn’t help as much. Utakuta hao kina @TrumanCapote wanakamuliwa na those ‘toxic’ fellas they ‘loath’ most.

rejection has never bothered me. i get rejected daily. not every woman you want will accept you

Hehehe Since Sunday it’s been freyja this,freyja that with you. Just because I gave you a tinsy insy winsy sweep instead of accepting your compliment.
Zoea kunyimwa kijana. Your world doesn’t and should never revolve around Freyja.

:D:D:D kwani unajenga elders hata mimi ni fanye booking

:D:D:D:D:D:D wewe panga hio line ya 1 chwani elder.