Why women get attracted to bad boys

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Have you ever wondered why the wrong men feel so right? It has been said that ladies are attracted to bad boys. But the truth is, no lady wants a man who will hurt her, abuse her and disrespect her. The “bad” that many women are often attracted to is not a man with bad character, but “bad” in style and personality. A man who is loyal and loving to the woman but has a strong and almost carefree personality; a man who is nicely dangerous and exciting; who brings the good kind of drama and makes her blood run.

Women are generally attracted to the danger associated with bad boys, which creates a thrill which most believe they cannot get with good guys.

Here are some of the reasons why women are attracted to bad boys:

Women never learn a lesson

Women can be hurt over and over again but will continue dating the same type of guy with hopes of finding the right person but always end up dating the same characters over and over again.

Self-esteem issues

Women with confidence issues tend to date men who don’t treat them well because they don’t feel they deserve to be treated better. However, the conversation has been changing and many women have been learning how to speak up on what they want and don’t want as well as what they deserve.

The “I Can Fix him” syndrome

Many a times, women feel the need to fix men who have a broken personality. Bad boys tend to have a sort of tortured edge to them that attracts women. Whereas good guys don’t need fixing, which is why most women aren’t attracted to them.

Fear of commitment

Some women have a fear of commitment so they only get involved in relationships they know can never become serious and because bad boys never commit they are the best option for them because they are assured of no attachment.

Physical superiority

Most women are attracted to physically built men and unfortunately most of them happen to be bad boys.

Nice guys are boring

Some women have the tendency that nice guys are boring and they are not as exciting as bad boys and since most of them want thrills and excitement they end up dating bad boys.

Bad guys do not suck up

Bad boys do not have the character of sucking up and apologizing continuously. Bad boys apologize once about a wrong and move on to the next thing, well, mostly. Good guys, on the other hand, tend to dwell on situations even after the woman has forgiven them and moved on. This can be frustrating at times.

Bad boys are authoritative

Bad boys always speak with authority even when they are wrong. A good man will be unsure of himself and often afraid of failing or coming out wrong.
Women love when a man is decisive and stands by his decisions even if it is wrong and they don’t agree with it.

My cousin started singing poems to his fiancé and being an extremely nice guy around September last year only to realize that on new year eve, she crossed over in the new year with another man after lying to him that she was upcountry

:D:D:D:Dtrick is to make her know that she needs you more than you need her…

OK, now go shave your vagina and wait for your bad boy.

Kaino type

Couldn’t agree more.

OK, now tell us why men get attracted to bad women, the Betty Kyallos, Huddahs, Veras, Kamenes etc, etc.

A woman who loves you hasumbui, hii bad boy chieth ni meffi tu. Bad boy ni matusi wanawake hutumia kushame mtu asiishi vile anataka. Ukisikia umesingiwa bad boy labda kuna kitu anataka kukutoanisha

Yote tisa na bibi bado alikuacha akaenda kwa bad boy.

Crazy pudesh.I don’t think Kamene anafaa Kwa hiyo list.

women are dumb as fuck and they have a high level of agreeableness, which makes them susceptible when they meet a disagreeable man

those are exceptions

Sawa nimemdiliti.

One very Simple thing you need to remember about
Young Females …

ORDINARY is Boring …
They constantly need Attention and Excitement … :smiley:

Wewe bibi yako poyoloko alipokuacha si uliweka thread hapa:D:D

I think most women have had a dalliance with the so called bad boys. They are confident, smooth liars, they keep you wondering and second guessing, they flatter and compliment you but it is at the expense of a woman’s fragile heart. They are part of the reason we have v many young single mums because the girls tend to naively think wakimzalia he will settle down. Alas, dude swiftly jogs on to the next conquest unawachwa kwa mataa umeng’ethia.
Moral of my post, young ladies in their teens should be arming themselves with masomo to enable them get a good job before they seriously go looking for muchatha local. Utaumia…

The tragedy with current men/husbands is giving women too much attention and time mpaka anakuona ngombe
Ignore her…dont always agree to her demands na utombe kama msito Thiem…4 shots na kuenda juu
If you do these,She will apologise for her next years mistakes

Those are bad prostitutes, not bad women. Nobody below the age of 75 years is attracted to them and their beat up pussies.

V true Rexx. Being snubbed by a guy at a young age can really ruin a girls’ confidence. No matter how hot she may be.

Kama vile Betty “alinunuliwa” gari, nyumba, gari ingine…halafu zikachukuliwa hadhaeani mchana saa sita peupe. Heheheee…

This is not true. Kenyan men have become more callous. Uliza Muchatha local whether him and his brigade waste time on women…upewe mawaidha in a short succinct paragraph and he leaves the building whistling with his shaggy hair.:smiley: