Why were Monday 20th March demonstrations so successful?

:eek::D:Dyour argument is stupid, by your logic we should all be cucks

You can’t fool all people all the time. NO HANDSHAKE.


those are railas ambitions… learn to differentiate. how will handshake benefit the luos? stop being stupid and reason like an educated individual;

Be whatever you want. But fanya fujo uone.
If you’re uncapable to be economically productive, you will not obstruct those who are.

We have been through such arguments. It is always cyclic and stupid. Same nonsense regurgitated over and over.

You may not know it, but you are just trolling.

negro… i bet my economic worth is 8 times yours… so such attacks will not work:D:D the fool thinks following the crowd’s narrative makes him smart. kisumu alone compared to the shithole you originate from damages your narrative

You’re either naïve or willfully ignorant.
Just an all round idiot.

Yeah, sure you bet. Kuja urushe mawe kwangu. Goons.

negro… i bet you originate from some shithole town kama nyeri, kiambu and so on… your economic worth ni makanga na mitumba, na hawkers… so hakuna kitu ya maana tunabishana… kuja kisumu uone why men with balls do not suck up

Luos know what to stand for and are not doormats

You are free to go on with your stupid stereotypes straight from your ass

Keep regurgitating nonsense like open server, and destruction of cities.
And we’ll keep regurgitating the honest truth.

You can always log out.

Enda lia huko mbali ghasia

Unalia lia hapa kama mbuzi imezaa

Sure sure. Sasa kuja utupe mawe like the rest of your goons.

Goons gonna goon. Get out of the kitchen if the truth is getting too hot.

The demos served as a warning to the government. If they continue introducing policies that raises the cost of living, then many other people will join the maandamano and it will be impossible to stop them.
They will be more careful when yapping about subsidies now.

Calling a luo a goon is not an insult… Even the Europeans called us warlike. Ama ujai jiuliza mbona waliwafinya makende na kuwatupa concentration camps… Sikuskia jaluo amenyanganywa shamba ukoloni. Kina odera fought the real battles. We shinda hapo being subservient to your oppressor

We are demonstrating with violence because that’s the only language the government understands

Plus our many years of being at the receiving end of stolen elections, being thrown teargas at, being marginalised builds the frustrations and makes us destroy any property that comes our path.

At least we are ensuring we extend the pain we are feeling to more people. You are free to go on with your stereotypes, we dgaf. Plus it’s not like anything will change if we sit quiet

Restrict your goonery to Kisumu. Sumbua Nairobi, mtajua wanaume ni wengi.

Si tumesumbua, ama wanaume hawakuwa wengi

Congrats. You’re not part of the bandwagon applying lipstick to pigs. @slevyn should borrow a leaf.
Once we have an understanding that the demos will never be peaceful when certain people are involved, we can proceed from there.