Why were Monday 20th March demonstrations so successful?

Pundits are missing the real reason for the success. It is not cost of living or inflation or non-inclusive appointments or servers. The real reason is two communities dominating the presidency. Kenyans were crushed in 2022 when the president came from a community that had ruled for 24 years. Same would have happened if another Kikuyu was to be elected as president in 2022.
Uhuru had the foresight to warn Kenyans in 2020 the perils of two communities dominating the presidency: its soul crushing for a nation conscience.

Successful because you got away with it and you think you have put Ruto into submission? Destroying property, wasting productive time for others and daring a sitting president. Now the narrative of Luos are hooligans has stuck with the rest of Kenyans, Even Raila sympathizers from the rest of Kenyan are starting to see the real person.Investors will flee Kisumu and Luos will find themselves isolated from other Kenyan tribes(Violence did not occur anywhere outside of Kisumu,Migori and Nairobi). Also when Ruto said that no one is above the law he means it. Raila should continue with the demos but there are consequences to be faced later on.

Nakuru, Kitale, Kakamega also demonstrated. 2 coast Mps were arrested. This was not a Luo affair.

Mechanized Infantry tuko sawa ready for the future demos hadi dollar ifike 250

It was successful because Zakayo is being exposed as a lying piece of chietha who don’t know how to run a country.

Zakayo forgot that even if Gatheca was a drunkard, he had a powerful right hand man (Matiang’i) and a cabinet full of expert that could operate on it’s own.

Do you believe in this shìet you have jotted here? Who can arrest RaiaMkuu hii Kenya yetu … Let’s not pretend that the security apparatus do not know where to find him. They know the repercussions of taking that route.

The same Rutto who is a chronic lying chieth.

Akanyambe huko na hio “above the law verbal diarrhea yake”

The delusions around here are top level.

This is a breakdown of Monday.

Kisumu - Goons
Kibera - Goons
Nairobi CBD - Kibera goons
A few other towns - Less than 20 paid men with placards. Quickly retreated to their homes after making a fool of themselves around towns.

Everywhere else - Nothing.

To save face, Raila retreated to his age-old strategy of driving his motorcade through Nairobi slums to address campaign rallies.

Lol. Do you have videos or pictures of maandamano in those towns you’re listing? :D:D
Did they flop so badly that pictures are missing?

Kagege, continue burying your stupid head in the sand. Tukutane monday.


Idiot. Differentiate a demonstration vs a campaign rally.
These were people conducting their businesses normally until Baba drove his motorcade through his slum strongholds.

No different from what he was holding last year.

This is one of the most shallow and misused narrative that is usually used to try and make demonstrations look stupid. We need to think beyond such narratives. If you travel around this country, it is not lost on you that most of the towns are doing just as badly with those so-called “investors” if not worse.

Cartels alone are destroying many industries around the country regardless of riots or not but your silly politics makes people think that civil disobedience is the only thing making people lose investors.

We need to think beyond those NGO-generated lines and start a line or course of action that makes politicians take responsibility for their actions.

the amount of ignorance pojn this post… tribal hates blinds you. the bigger picture will forever escape you

Nyamakima kikuyu demos were held a few weeks ago in Nairobi. How many windows were broken?
Even without naming names, everyone knows which goons leave their slum homes with pockets full of stones.

Only one community uproots barriers, road infrastructure and railway.
One plus one is two.

Also, cost of living protests are normal. Add a dash of stolen elections, hypocrisy and cherera must come back, you get a typical Raila goon cocktail.
We are not going to be dictated by people who stood by in the handshake regime, as life became unbearable, just because they were in government then.

There is a thin line between tribal hate and the truth.
If it is one tribe doing the destruction of private property, should we shut up?

Lol, hata hamkufika Serena na bado jioni mlilipa unga KES 185 kama kawaida… anyway better luck next time.

what is the truth… luos are goons and the other tribes are smart intellectuals that take suffering up the arse without retaliation? you are not as smart as you think kennedy

“what is the truth… luos are goons”
You should have stopped there. The other strawman’s argument save for your fellow idiots.

lets get this right… you have two men, wote wanafinywa makende… in your eyes the goon is the one that stands up for himself?? kennedy is a cuck name, that explains alot

Does your pea brain think we are so stupid we can’t recognize the hypocrisy?
I’ll not repeat the clichés. If you’re capable you can deduce them yourself.

Just know there will be no handshake. Take your August loss like men.
Also, I have no problem with the destruction of Kisumu. But paid goons should keep their stones to themselves. We have businesses to run in Nairobi.