Why We Will Remain Poor. 98% Of Manufacturing Is By Foreign Firms Who Siphon Profits To Their Countries

This scenario is replicated in 54 other countries all over Africa. Billions of USD are stolen from Africa every year.

- Building Mining and Construction (Lafarge, Tiomin, Tata, Tallow - France, Canada, India, UK)
- Chemical and Allied (India, US, China)
- Energy, Electrical and Electronics (Shell, Total, Siemens, GE, - Dutch, French, Germany, USA)
- Plastics and Rubber (United Plastics, Sameer, Bridgestone, Pirelli - India, Japan, Italy)
- Services and Consultancy (Deloitte, KPMG, Price Water House - UK)
- Food and Beverage (Coca cola, EABL, USA, UK)
- Leather and Footwear ( 50-50)
- Metal and Allied (Doshi, - India)
- Textiles and Apparel ( USED CLOTHING FROM EU, USA, CHINA)
- Timber, Wood and Furniture (50-50)
- Automotive (Toyota, Tata. FAW, SHAQMAN, HOWO, JIEFANG, DONG FENG Mercedes - Japan 90% , India, China, Germany)
- Paper and Board (50-50)
- Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment (India, USA)
- Agriculture/Fresh Produce (Kakuzi, Delmonte, Finley - UK, USA)

  • Telcoms (Safaricom, Airtel - UK, India)

Ile mumebakia nayo ni malanye local,soon watakua imported

Import substitution should be high on our policy agenda. It would create very many jobs. Kuna vitu kwa sasa of course we have neither the material nor expertise, but there are things basic tunafaa tujisort if only GoK made cottage industries survivable by favourable economic environment. Leather, footware, plastics, rubber, a lot of these ‘services’, some chemicals, even pharma mitishamba, agriculture, fisheries etc… Can be done within probably for less than charged and money stays in the economy. But wa kusema ni kutuuza to the highest bidder (or lowest with a hefty bribe) ghassia zinaingia

Dont forget we have our own;


klm fcked Kenya airways dry…yenyewe mwafrikakitu anajifanyia kazi nikuzaa tu …govt is failling kenyans…sasa hata wanatax solar power ki-homeguard

Na watatumia bbi kukamua nchi zaidi. These ppl are stupid, they forget they also live here.

You wanna know why India developed their manufacturing sector? They introduced legislation that made it mandatory for foreign companies to collaborate with Local Indian companies in order to sell goods in India. Here are examples
[li]Suzuki collaborated with TVS motors to make TVS Motorcycles[/li][li]Honda collabo with Hero Motors to make Hero Honda bikes[/li][li]Hitachi collabo with Tata to make Exvavators[/li][li]Mercedes collabo with Tata to make trucks[/li][li]Steyer collabo with Tata to make Military trucks[/li][li]Kawasaki collabo with Bajaj[/li][li]Toyota collabo with Kirloskar Heavy Industries but later failed due to Gov of India high headedness.[/li][li]Isuzu collabo with Hindustan Motors[/li][/ol]
Every foreign company in India MUST COLLABORATE with a local Indian firm.

BJ50 collaborated na mikokoteni pushers to make nonesense

That’s what BBI, is meant to fix by creating more leadership positions!

This cant work very well in Africa because if one country implement it then the investors will just go to neighbouring country which doesn’t. And the thing is that India has a big population which means a big market and a big low wage labour just like it meant in China. It could work in Nigeria (or Ethiopia) but they need to create a good buisness environment.

Except African economies are growing at a faster rate than many of those countries you have mentioned. There’s science then there’s guesswork. At the very bottom there’s ignorance and self hate.

Kitu kama hii


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Kama as a Kenyan to start a company to manufacture something legal requirements ni kama elfu moja?? Tutatoboa kweli?? Kenya power nao they never support start ups.

Kenya tuko na intelligent, willing and capable people na kama government ingesupport startups, tungeenda mbali sana. Unfortunately the leaders we have only want us to remain poor.

Manufacturers only need predictability na government iwapunguzie taxes, rates and other costs. They don’t even need one shillings.

tuletee lanye za ethiopia chief tuhame

Labda niwaletee kama deni :D:D