Why we are still in Agrarian revolution

When you talk of Samsung and LG, Ship Building- South Korea, Huawei, Oppo, Electric cars and others China, Apple IBM HP and others America Medicine India, Innovation Israel… And Kenya? We are really centuries behind in innovation and technology. It would take more than a miracle for us to catch up with the leading nations

@Ndindu the floor is yours

I always shudder at the thought of a tsunami or nuclear meltdown ala Fukushima within our borders. Kuna mtu atabaki kweli in bonobo land?

Kenyans don’t care, honestly that’s the answer…When i was young and naive i used to blame the twisted and corrupt leaders but as time has proven again and again, the average Kenyan would rather sing psalms after psalm, poems after poem, toward their favorite jingoist troglodyte.

The greatest achievement an average Kenyan will experience is a temporary rush of demented euphoria when his tribal deity is crowned as President.


Tuko na Mobius


Please tell us any innovation you are working on so far since you are the on who sees this problem

Other folks who don’t really care about are not well informed or do not really give a shit

So if you may what invention have you come up with so far and don’t just point fingers

Sound economic policy

Continuous decades of peace

Wealthy neighbor whose willing to invest (Japan is the biggest investor in China and South Korea)

Cutthroat competition - of the 10 biggest semi conductor/phone/home electronics/car/ship/heavy equipment manufacturing companies in the world at least half come from East Asia

Emphasis on STEM subjects in schools

Investment in local manufacturing, heavy taxation of rivals and imports

same old reasons you get when you search any these of countries.


Agrarian? Fucking hell. Stop hyping yourself up. The concept of God being separate from the secular state is still alien to this Mammon worshipping banana republic.

The South Korean benevolent dictator took a different path from the one Jomo took. Remember South Korea was much poorer than Kenya in the 1960s.

Park Chung Hee visited Kenya, saw the route the likes of Jomo had taken and decided that that is not the route South korea will take. He focused on getting his citizens educated in science and technology and the building of Chaebols.

Meanwhile Jomo focused on amassing shambas and telling his citizens to farm. Today we use Samsung phones.