Why we are in a dysfunctional state...

The president and the deputy president are in a silent war… They do not see eye to eye on matters of govt, the chief justice,the head of Judiciary is at war with executive led by the president and has boycotted official govt functions, the cabinet is divided with pro tangatanga brigade and pro handshake brigade. The ruling party is divided and is busy fighting each other with kieleweke vs tangatanga within the party. The opposition NASA collapsed and its head joined the govt and is now self declared mtu wa mkono wa rais preaching BBI. The so called prime minister of the govt and hand of the drunkard king is busy running around detaining critics and organizing handshake meeting while portraying himself as the chosen one… What a government!

Hii ndio mwaka ya siasa . Things will roll. No development from now. Matusi tu

Don’t be a fucktard. You only ticked one duo on the ballot paper. That’s the people you should blame. Meno ni kiungo cha kutafuna chakula sio cha kufikiria.

We are a failed state because of raira and his brand of politics

There’s no new mess anywhere. Kenya is running same way for the last 8 years. A steady state of collapse.

All the noise you’re hearing is reorganization of the eating class at the top.

There has constitutionally been no opposition since 2010. Nothing is better than the apparent collapse of MDVDS NASA. RAO doesn’t need anymore useless opportunists.

Kweli sisi ni washenzi

This war on Mt Kenya politicians who have refused to abandon dp Ruto is gaining steam. The president and his handlers thought that if he abandons Jubilee so will all Mt Kenya politicians. It didn’t happen and will not happen.
Because Ruto has done nothing wrong. Just because he is the president he does not think for the region. And were it not for Ruto Uhuru would have never seen the presidency. It would have been another 41 against 1 with many people dying in cosmopolitan Rift Valley due to PEV.
Kweli asanti ya punda ni mateke.