Why waria thrive in Bizness? They overtook kikuyu?

Why do Somalis thrive in Business?
I have overheard complaints from businessmen and scholars arguing that the Oria/Somali Muslims are taking over Nairobi CBD. Yes they are.
Boss how can you compete this people? They are like Indians. They practice socialism and work as a family.
When was the last time you called your uncle, aunt, cousin or in law? Imagine they call each other daily and work together as your colleagues at work.
You are waiting to invest from your salary? Well, they don’t wait, they call each other and work in handy. One man is married to 4 wives.
One wife is selling baby clothes in Eastleigh and in wholesale making Kshs. 8,000 a day. The 2nd wife is selling gas and running a shop in Donholm making Kshs. 5,000 a day.
The 3rd wife makes people tea and lunch in Eastleigh making a profit of 4,000 a day and the last one is selling men’s and women’s wear in Eastleigh making a profit of Kshs. 10,000 a day.
How much goes to his account before we include his petrol station in South B or his cloth line in town or slaughtering cows from Moyale at Njiru slaughter house? That is Kshs. 27,000 passing through his account daily let’s say from slaughtering cows, he makes a profit of Kshs. 15,000 a day.
His total income is Kshs. 42,000 a day. That is Kshs. 1,260,000 passing through his account per month. Banks do check flow in your account per month to advance loans that can open you a restaurant in town.
Your salary is Kshs. 80,000 and you feel your wife is so fragile to work, so you keep her in the house baby sitting. Every evening you pass through your favorite club, you take two for the road which turns out to be 5-10 bottles before you leave accompanied by friends.
Your side chick or mpango wa kando is also one Slay Queen of her kind. She does Java and above or Amarula what she sees on adverts but implement when with you. You pay her rent, saloon and clothes while she takes selfies sending you while at work.
Let’s assume you need a bank loan to put a big business in town, between your account and his account, who will get bank trust with a big capital to put up a significant business?
Kaka, then you want to rant how this people are money launderers? Please if you can’t make money with your family members like Indians and Somalia crew are doing.
Stop complaining, meet your Slay Queens in their restaurants as you narrate to them how this people are faking it. When you are done, come I introduce you to Abdin my neighbor who sells gas and run shops but drive a Land Cruiser TX.
I respect this people, unless we up our game, they will displace us in our own country then we start another genocide like South Africa did or like Donald Trump is fighting to chase people out of USA


Why can’t they translate the same “success” in zoomalia?.. I’ll wait till 2030 ,my Fren ,for an answer.

Venye mzito @Karoga amesema hapo juu

What about the small matter of tax evasion?

Even you, if you dedicate yourself to whatever it is you do without distractions like mwk, slay queens, fobe et al and commit to your family you cannot go wrong.

Mkikuyu haezi pigwa kibiashara juu ako kila mahali. Real opportunists. Woraah ako tu eastleigh ,jamia mosque na meru akibroker mogoka.

Why wait until 2030?


Whta TAX do they evade?

These guys combine their money and do deals together…unakuta nonsomali goes to china alone to buy one container but 10 somalis combine their money,register under one person and buy 20 containers together. Obviously mzigo ikifika hapa Kenya ,they will sell at far much cheaper price than the one ameleta one container .
Tax evasion pia iko…but honestly who enjoys paying taxes?..ukipewa a chance you wouldn’t pay a single cent to KRA

I think they are a bit honest compared to mount kenya fellas

I was suprised thats how they do even in insurance. Rather than using those companies in Nairobi they just open their own.

Somalis are unsophisticated traders who thrive on mercantilism. Anyone including a class 8 drop out can be a trader. Enda downtown utawapata wengi sana.
How many Somalis have you seen running factories in Industrial area? This requires some sophistication that they done have.
Kazi ni kununua mizigo China and sneak them through Kismayu ndio wauze on the cheap here.

This is what I’ve been thinking.
A friend of mine paid the wararo to import a printer from amazon, alilipa a small fee akaendea prnter eastern

woria are thriving in thousands in lusaka Zambia, lilongwe Malawi, luanda Angola, Johannesburg, Durban, western cape has almost 100k plus and America and several European cities have little Mogadishus all over

Bonobos achilles heel is not knowing that there is strength in numbers. That’s why our forefathers started Harambees, agro based societies, unions and saccos just as Jungus start companies and sell shares to expand to become conglomerates. Woriahs and Indians congregate in clans and families for strength, but what do bonobos do? run down the societies, unions and saccos while we cheer them up as they take up political posts.

True, they promise and deliver even when you pay upfront

These people are only united because they’re the minorities in the countries they flee to. Ata Kenya ikiwa na vita, the few Kenyan refugees who’ll flee to other countries will be successful because they’ll be forced to unite and help each other as a survival tactic.

They just acting as RE: wacha mau mau fighters wakule Mali Yao kabla hawaja zeeka

Kikuyus have a low IQ which makes them make some pretty myopic decisions and shoot themselves on the foot.

If they were smarter they would be far considering how obsessed with money they are… lakini wapi

Sota polepole chief