Why Uhuru Should be Prime Minister

If BBI is passed, I think Uhuru should be prime minister because of the following reasons:

  1. He is circumcised. No way we can let an uncircumcised Njaruo rule us.

  2. He comes from a rich family so he can’t steal from us.

  3. It was prophesied the son of Jomo will ascend to the throne.

  4. Uhuru is not bad, it’s the people who surround him that are bad. Saa hizi amerogwa na Raira.

  5. Sio ushawi, ni maombi.

  6. Mondo wa nyumba. He’s one of us.

  7. We must complete the journey.

[SIZE=1]If you can’t see the sarcasm, you’re an idiot. Brare fuuucking!!! [/SIZE]

Solid points. When are the polls opening so that myselefu and my famere can vote in muthamaki as PM for life?

Why Ruto should be president 2022:

  1. He’s a son of a peasant.

  2. He’s not dynasty.

  3. He’s a very humble hustler; so he understands our problems.

  4. If we vote Ruto, we will punish Uhuru and Raila.

  5. Deni razima iripwe.

Pewa chenye unakunywa mara tatu

Fuc.k politics

wacha wazimu wewe