Why turkey is investing in somalia


mordern day scramble for africa.Wonder who’s up for namibia,zimbabwe and lesotho

Kenya should stop under estimating somalia coz mkileta nyoko nyoko , kenya’s coast will be taken , the lazy KDF watapigwa vita hawajawai ona by a turkey trained army juu kazi yao ni kuuza makaa somalia , kulea vitambi and fighting a useless war by a corrupt jubilee govt …bure kabisa !

Mbwa takataka gassia! Stop disrespecting our army…mbwa wewe

Actually he is right. Erdogan is a strong willed Muslim. He will protect Somalia from any foreign aggression. This hata haiko mbali. Kenya should be Somalia’s best friend Ju the other option ain’t good for it. Kumbuka Somalia iko arab League

Erdogan is an opportunist tge same way Qatar and UAE is to Somalia. Hope you soon realise it!

And btw, Somalia will never be restored back to its former state of peace as long as we exist on this planet. Let that sink in!

i will never respect the army , any army …

Can you protect yourself from an external aggression?

If there were any external aggression , I would take the first flight out of this sh*thole coz i am not partriotic … if i was , i would volunteer to be a Kamekazi pilot against any aggressors for kenya … but this country hasn’t invested in me to warrant my life man …

Damn! You seem to be suffering from depression…I won’t engage you anymore

:smiley: hehe bure kabisa tucker tucker noogle chieth…

Okay 'lil dude

no problem son .

Somaliland is thriving while Somali is stagnating. Why not allow Somaliland be a nation and got will reunite like Germany once Somali gets its shit together?


No. Only one state solution. Y’all want us to be weak so that you trample us. A unified Somalia with our Arab brothers will be the strongest country by whichever consideration not only in the region but Africa too.

So shove your mischievous ideas up your

No one loves black Muslims including prophet Mohammed himself

I support a unified Somali but I would hate to see all the progress made in Hargeisa and greater Somaliland be destroyed.

You would hate kwani ni kwenu?

Stay off arab affairs

Somali is our small brother. And when things start going right there you will see us in sizable numbers.