Why Trump should be the permanent president of the USA

The endless supply of memes is worth it[ATTACH=full]103395[/ATTACH]

Hio Covfefe imenimaliza, it’s been such a hit mpaka watu washa print tshirt and guys rushed to get vanity plates

Someone has even patented the Name Covfefe!

The Clintons are lizards no better than African politicians , the Democratic party really pushed for an unpopular candidate and I’m happy they lost to Trump after what they did to Sanders !

I just read somewhere may had 200,000 jobs created. Sijui whether to belive ama ni kama zile diagrams za Jubilee

Was it a typo ama what did he mean to say

He meant coverage

Small fingers problems

Most likely ni typos… But there is a Russian covfef meaning to resign

I think he was busy thinkin’ about his coffee and same time typing a random tweet from his head… NB: that can even end a relationship… Pay attention when typin hehehe

Ndio nimeshikanisha penye hiyo word ilitokea! Just saw guys use it randomly elsewhere. :D:D:D