Why Toyotas Are A Thief's Magnet

Toyota parts are very interchangable. For example the biggest Toyota family the Colloras share very many parts. From engines to gearboxes to Window motors. This has given rise to Chop Shops around the World that strip down A Toyota car in just 10 minutes.

Within those 10 Minutes they will find any GPS trackers and destroy them.


iko wapi video ya 10 minutes?, but you have a point there, although it is also not new news. The actual news would have been the ten minutes search and destroy of the tracker

There is a small tool than they ran around the vehicle, that tool scans for a source of two frequencies, L1 (1575.42 Mhz) and L2 (1227.60 MHz). Within even 5 minutes they tear that car panel apart and take it out.


Nunua German machine and avoid peasant problem s.

Mtu ya gumbaru umekosea. Many toyotas on the roads means there is a high demand for parts. Nothing to do with interchangeable parts because even Nissans have interchangeable parts.

Not as interchanble as Toyota.

Engine ya Prado D4D na Hilux D4D ni the same thing, difference between the two vehicles ni body peke yake. Same na Fielder/NZE Same na Alexx/Runx/Avensis. You are also forgetting that Toyota is also Daihatsu = Nippon Denso. 90% ya Toyota na Daihatusu parts are manufactured by Denso

Clearly you have no idea what Denso manufactures. Two, Nissan has more
Interchangeable parts.Three, masomo na wewe hamtawai agree.

Denso makes very many products not only vehicle parts. I know about that. Denso is still part of Toyota company

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Ile masomo nahitaji ni ya kutumia web browser, outlook, Excel, word na kuinstall windows kwa laptop yangu ikicrash, hizi zingine ni Waste of time.

You still have no idea what denso does despite having a web browser and some literacy. This is where education comes in - you do not have to wrestle with simple concepts endlessly.

Arguing with a fool is like chasing the wind. Goodnight @Pepo

I guess these are Denso Condoms.



Watu wanasema Team German, hehe Sat Afrika wanacheka tu.

You said 90% ya Toyota and Dhaihatsu parts are manufactured by Denso. Can you refer me to where you got that piece of data? Such claims are outrageous to anyone with basic reading skills.

What is Toyotas stake at Denso? Does it qualify to make them part of Toyota?
Not trolling. Just trying to make you see the importance of a good education.

Chokosh war brewing