Why Top lawyers are celebrating the jailing of Gakuo

Kipkorir and Havi are hardly what I’d call ‘top lawyers’ but pulse with me for a sec…

[SIZE=7]Why Top lawyers are celebrating the jailing of Gakuo[/SIZE]
Mary Kulundu | 14:56 | 15.05.2018[SIZE=5]Gakuo’s jailing sign of hope[/SIZE]
[li]https://static.pulselive.co.ke/img/incoming/origs8379895/5651851991-w640-h640/Gakuo.jpg[/li]» moreEx-Nairobi Clerk John Gakuo (right), former PS Sammy Kirui (centre), Mary Ngethe (Facebook)
[SIZE=6]Top Kenyan lawyers on Tuesday hailed Judiciary for positive strides after jailing former Nairobi town clerk John Gakuo. [/SIZE]

Lawyers Donald Kipkorir and Nelson Havi expressed their renewed confidence in Kenya’s judicial system following the rare ruling, which saw top Government officials sentenced to three years in prison.

Gakuo and former local government PS Sammy Kirui were found guilty of irregularly purchasing cemetery land in Mavoko area for a whopping Sh283 million.

In a tweet, Mr. Kipkorir said that the ruling gave him hope and despair in equal measure.
[li]https://static.pulselive.co.ke/img/incoming/origs8379907/40118591-w640-h640/DKB.jpg[/li]Lawyer Donald Kipkorir (Facebook)
“Hope that finally, we are fighting corruption, but Despair that corruption has tainted even our icons,” he said.

At the same time, Mr. Havi noted that the ruling should be used as a premise to convict others senior officials linked to corruption cases in the country.

"The conviction and sentencing of public officers who stole public funds during the reign of Mwai Kibaki is a good step forward in the fight against corruption.

[li]https://static.pulselive.co.ke/img/incoming/origs8379899/257185731-w640-h640/Nelson-Havi.jpg[/li]Lawyer Nelson Havi (Facebook)
“The theft in Uhuru Kenyatta’s first term must be dealt with in a similar manner but speedily, as it dwarfs the former,” he said.

On Tuesday Gakuo and Kirui were handed Sh1 million fine on top of the jail sentence.

Also found guilty was former Secretary to defunct Nairobi City Council Mary Ngethe and then tender committee chair Alexander Musee - they were also jailed for three years and fined Sh52m and Sh32m respectively.


First I believe these clowns will walk after they appeal. But hey, why are we jailing these fools? If one or two or even five are disappeared without a trace…

Right on, bratha!


Wish it said, ‘Man Made Cigarettes.’

We eagerly await the conviction of Nelson Greenhorn Havi in the same spirit for his crimes involving perjury Nelson 'Greenhorn' Havi Squealing Now - News & Politics - Kenya Talk

Gakuo did a lot of good work our city…can’t believe he is in jail…

Keep wonderfully wondering.