Why though?

The last update has just ruined KenyaTalk for me. It no longer feels like the village we so much adored.it actually feels like Facebook and the like which somehow gets me in a very bad mood. I am not logging as often as I used to. All we needed was an education section, hide our handle names and maybe preview videos without downloading.

Contrary @admin has decided to remove all threads, most of us are having issues viewing images, the emojis are absolute shit,navigation has become a nightmare, you have to press ‘skip’ a thousand times before you reach your desired page. All in all am saying WE WANT THE OLD KTALK BACK. Admin tafadhali acha umama please bring back the village.

Yah, we want it back

And especially the view all thread option,and to @Deorro & the mods nini mbaya na nyinyi ??