Why There Are No Blacks In Argentina....


Such a sad story. Genocide on an industrial scale for centuries. Me and argentina are forever apart. F*ck argentina.

I had read some bits and pieces about the systematic elimination of blacks from Argentina some time back. You have just given me a theme to search for documentaries this weekend to learn more

The Spaniards who settled there got rid of native Argentines also.
Half the country is made up of argies with French,Italian and Spanish blood hakuna kitu kama pure bloods huko.

That shit is just sad…Having a black skin almost means you’re fcuked

SMH…f**k Argentina

Nature has a way of balancing things out in the long run. Those racist mathafakas in Europe are now being ‘invaded’ by millions of coloureds, either from the Middle East or Africa. Look at Germany which was just 50 years ago priding itself as being a pure Aryan nation - totally over-run by Turks. In another 100 years, Europe will be a ‘Black’ ghetto just like the US is slowly becoming with the Latinos reproducing like rats.

The projected colour of the average man in 2500AD - BLACK!

It’s no surprise Argentina was a safe haven for the Nazis after WW2.

I din even finish but wanna tell me Argentina has no blacks…based on their football team appearance …


Even by 2100AD its possible. Look at France where 30% of the population is currently African. All countries along the Mediterranean have the same figures from Italy to Spain. Germany is in for a shock in the next 2 years.

The Brazilians also forced the black slaves to mix races with the native Indians and Portuguese colonialists which is why Brazilian blacks are a minority today.

izo jamaa ziko na tatoo mingi sana

haina waas lets take over Russia and germany kwanza

good history there

I was wondering the same thing. The only thing missing from that Argentine team to make that team perfect, is a few negros. And those russians are on steroids that’s why they are running and jumping like niggers.

But seriously though centuries after the dire mistreatment, the blacks in South America still live the same way. Ukienda Brazil favellas poverty, drugs, guns, wamejaa jela, teremka Jamaica, enda pale Belize, Peru… same old story. So what’s the excuse today? They are being forced to take crack so they can die? The white man is forcing them to join gangs?

Wewe na kuulizaga aje,hiyo picha iko kwa avatar yako ni ya nani.Nimechapwa na upendo wake

Russians are white Africans kwanza in combat sports like MMA and boxing hao ndio huwa dawa yetu , ngumi kama mawe .

When you get send me a link to kaka!
I think after Dutty Boukman & Toussaint Louverture run the French out of Haiti the Spanish weren’t going to take any chances.
We may not all have been kangz…but Afrika has given the world a lot and much has been stolen from her.

Been trying to download this book called “When We Ruled: The Ancient and Mediaeval History of Black Civilisations By Robin Walker”.

But yeah, about Argentina, it is what it is.

Haiti ni nini haina? Kenya ni nini haina? Still blaming the white devil… gathecha na ngirita na ruto ni wazungu?let’s not forget about the black devil amongst us for a quick minute as we commemorate the white one.