War is a contest between two societies, but not a contest between the technology, wealth, and number of soldiers that each can muster. Superior numbers and firepower alone cannot win a war. America, the wealthiest and most militarily powerful nation in the history of the human race, only achieved a truce in Korea, ran away from barefoot rice farmers in Vietnam, and has failed to achieve its objectives in every Middle Eastern nation where it has toppled a regime.

Victory in war depends on convincing young men to lay down their lives and convincing old men to sacrifice their sons and their treasure. For what will the man of the modern Western nations lay down his life? The modern, secular culture of the West insists that life is about comfort, convenience, seeking pleasure, and avoiding pain. Those are hardly values that motivate a man to gladly face the great agonies and little discomforts of war. In the past, men fought battles in the name of their gods and expected an eternal reward. But how can a society that has outlawed almost every form of public prayer and banned religion from the schools call upon faith as a motive to fight? How can religions that falsely pray for peace rather than pray for the victory of good over evil encourage men to imitate Christ’s self-sacrifice? Meanwhile, patriotism and pride in our Western civilization has not only been abandoned, but condemned as a form of bigotry, and cannot be resurrected in time to win a war. Notions of masculine valor have likewise been relegated to the dungeon of banned ideals. Will the men of the West fight to defend their families? Not when most marriages end in divorce, the marriage and birth rates are drastically declining, and the prevailing culture mocks family as an outdated limit on personal freedom. Fatherless men do not fight for a fatherland.

As we learned in Vietnam, technological, economic, and demographic superiority cannot win a war if the troops, their families, leaders, and the general population do not share a sense of purpose. America once fought for its freedom in two wars against its former colonial master. But now that America has become an economic and cultural empire, now that David has become the giant, what moral high ground can our nation claim, what heroic vision can it champion?

Meanwhile, our enemies enjoy the unity and motivation that come only from a strong, central ideal.

Men will only fight and die to defend their faith, family, and a glorious culture of which they can be proud. They will only fight if they have been formed with the virtues of self-sacrifice, self-discipline, obedience to justified authority, fortitude, bravery, and loyalty. Men will only lay down their lives if they have been reared to revere martyrs and heroes, the saints and knights of old. Men will die for the land if they grow their food from its soil and revere their ancestors whom they bury in its ground. Men will make the ultimate sacrifice if both they and the cause are truly noble. Nothing more is needed, and nothing less will suffice.


The West avoid mass wars by clipping ambitious presidents and leaders as soon as they emerge!

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in the end africa will remain the biggest joke, iko na the potential kuwa more powerful than russia na US combined and here we are the poorest continent on earth because we simply cant get along


Stopped reading at …“America ,the wealthiest and most militarily powerful nation in the history of the human race,”

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We even let foreigners take out several of our leaders who would have worked to unite and raise the continent to become the giant it is supposed to be.

R.I.P Gaddafi.


True…men in war need a purpose beyond their self belief.

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The Achilles heel of Africa is Those Bloody traitors in west Africa.

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I was told war is more complicated than we’re made to believe. still trying to understand.

[ATTACH=full]98624[/ATTACH] The U.S has been at war for 93% of its existence. They dont want to ‘win’ because war is very profitable business. In fact in most conflicts the West arms both side of the conflict. The only reason the U.S didnt win the Korean war is because they dont want the war to end. Such a state of uneasiness in the region justifies their deployment of their large force in Japan and South Korea in a bid to tame China and Russia. Its a win for them in geopolitics. As for the Vietnam war it was just for profit. The U.S or its agents was involved in the opium trade. That and the business of war alluded to earlier made ending the war unprofitable. The Middle East conflict is simply about oil and power.


War is just mass dick waving contest. Destruction is in our nature…

Don’t wait for the third world war…it is already happening. The third world war is not a battle between countries…nationalities only exist in your atlas. Modern warfare is between conglomerates. If you have oil or any other natural resources, conglomerates will finance a war in that specific region…not a whole country. War is expensive, and most militaries do not operate at full or even half capacity…indeed, their duties have been reduced to government mercenaries and disaster management operations. There are many warlords willing to raise hell for the right price…considering the vast oil reserves in Uganda…if Museveni becomes a problem, they will finance a warlord…and give him something else to worry about


And another joke is our African leaders have this moronic mentality of “its our time to eat”, they steal from their own countries and stash it in Western countries thus contributing to those country’s development while at the sametime destroying their own nations.


Francophone countries are held by the balls.

Are you going to fight for some rich old men? Unless their children are fighting by my side I don’t give a crud

Yap. The narrative we were fed about Gbagbo for instance is not what it is/was.

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The so-called ‘West’ is not necessarily a superior civilization. Just militarily arrogant.