Why the sudden interest in Kenya?

TICAD 6 …10,000 delegates. There was another big conference in Nairobi earlier this year. Obama was here last year and many high ranking officials from first world countries have been visiting Kenya often. What are they seeing that we aren’t? Oil? Large East african market? Real Estate? These countries only show up when there is money to be made, so where is the money??:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

if you listened to @Jakoyo you would think kenya was hell personified…

It’s the only credible government in a region laden with resources. Tz would have given us competition but the current leadership is lost in eliminating the opposition rather than fostering economic development

The battle between china and west. Kenyans are the grass. Kenya banana republic has no foreign policy. Its a neo-liberal hell hole.

Africa is a growing market, so everyone wants a piece of the cake and Kenya is the most stable and conducive country in the region ,hence it holds the entry platform.

Kenya is an extremely lucky country. Strategic geographic location. English widely spoken. Good airline networks and good 5 star hotels.

These are qualities that we should nature. We must not take them for granted.

These are attractive qualities for any international conference or sports organisers

But the way things are going , i dont see much hope.

Yaaaaawwwnnn. We have heard this song for decades. Ati investors are scrambling for Africa.

Barclays bank et al ?

Not so much interestKenya really
And additional Kenya is aggressive in lobbying for such events it lobbied for TICAD to be brought to Africa for the first time(Kenya) tapping into the so called conference tourism. NY the well connected individuals are reaping big time from the event. Car hire and hotels.

Hint hint Kenya has discovered oil. ION I wish we could have a conference centre outside Nairobi. These conferences usually cause crazy traffic jams.

we are told .Ke has no foreign policy…

We beat the living crap out of Al Shetwani, pursued them up the hills and down the slopes of Somalia, and invaded a neighbour to protect what is ours. Its simple, you are with us, or against us. The mzungu respects Guts, might and aggression and the last two presidents, the sons of mumbi, have Guts, might and Aggresion in Buckets…go figure.

especially pale dagorette karibu na bushery ya wakanyash…Am sure he would change that butchery to a 5 start hotel.

How stupid, if this was the case then a country like Palestine would be a world darling. It’s like getting money and girls that used to ignore you start coming your way and you think it’s because you have guts and BS like that.

You seriously need an intravenous drip of chill, bro.

Kenya is on the verge of take off, the current investments in infrastructure and soon to be cheap credit as well as oil will be the hallmarks of the next economic take off. Just watch this space…

You are reaping the fruits of the many foreign visits Uhuru has been making.
Yet the opposition, bloggers and idlers like Jakoyo have been busy castigating him as a jet set president, a president who only comes to visit and get a change of clothes before the next trip bla bla bla.
Yet when the results are out there for all to see, they again turn around and ask why the sudden interest in the country.

If you look at the other countries with such luck u see its minerals… They talk of infrastructure development but never what they get as returns which is rights to a certain mark of the minerals look @ our famous brother Zaire/Drc/Congo don know what the hell that countries name is officially now

I think what makes Kenya exceptional are the people as a whole. I’m biased, but I have to say we have some of the most ambitious, resilient, resourceful people in the world. It’s infectious! When foreigners visit and see our indomitable spirit, they want to be a part of the action. There are perhaps bigger, better countries out there yet they don’t get half the attention that Kenya gets. So, congrats fellow citizen for the important role you play…God bless Kenya.

My Alphard was hired as part of the convoy for Zuma, president of SA. Feeling great for this TICAD.

Relocate to Tz. Ati Kenya has no foreign policy? What have you done for your country apart from exhaling methane? At least our govt. is trying give credit where it’s due.