Why the recolonization argument is shet

I often see bonobos here arguing that kenya needs to be recolonized, to do well.
They probably don’t understand how colonization works, and especially the exploitation that comes with it.
To understand that, you only need to look at the USA and Australia, which are wealthy, colonized nations. In the US, the colonized are the native Americans. In Australia, the colonized are the Aborigines.
Now you look and see that in spite of the USA being the wealthiest nation in the world, the life of the average native american is not much different than the life of the average kenyan bonobo. Ditto in Australia: where you find that in spite of it being a fantastically wealthy nation, the life of the average Aborigine is not much different from that of the average Kenyan.
Here in kenya too, people keep on saying that during the colonial era ‘things worked’. they forget that things only worked for a small elite, mainly made up of the families of collaborators, colonial chiefs, homeguards, colonial clerks, clergy etc. For the rest of the people, it was marasmus, kwashiakor and other such things. nairobi was clean and well organized, but you needed a special permit to access the city. it was so exclusionary… could go on and on, but i can only hope that the people who recommend recolonization are not serious.

Tooombwa like @Panyaste★ likes to say. Hakuna mtu uargue recolonization hapa ivi.Leta hekaya ya revolutionary education ghaseer.

Unfortunately, not many people here understand what you have explained here very simply. This is a forum for academic dwarfs.

Kwani what revolutionary education are you looking for? This is it and i am giving it to you for free (whereas in some other places, you’d have to bendover before being exposed to this education).

Does that mean that things are different?

Aren’t “things” still working for the small elite?

During colonial error,we had simple peasant kids who went to elite schools like alliance without their parents worrying about school fees

We have seen numerous stories of ordinary folks who went to school 20 km away…bare foot…went through high school,went to England or US for their degrees and came back to be employed by serikali

Can the same thing happen now!!!


Do you think they really want recolonization or its just trolling they are doing? If women are slowly saying no more mambo za kutawalwa there is no way a man would invite to be colonised. Hata watoto siku hizi hakubali kunyimwa freedom na walimu na wazazi kama vile sisi tulikuwa.
When Kenya was colonised maybe 5% of Kenyans could access education, healthcare and move around the country freely. Now education is almost at 100% healthcare access is at +50% and freedom of movement is at 100%

things are 100x better today than they were in the colonial error.
yes, we had “During colonial error,we had simple peasant kids who went to elite schools like alliance without their parents worrying about school fees” but those were outliers, one in a million. The people who were allowed to access secondary education were like 1%. Today we are talking about 100% primary-to-secondary transition.
Jobs were easy to get because there was only a small number of educated people competing for them. the rest lived in the countryside as peasants (as in, real peasants who eke out a living from the land).
Today, my friend Francis who dropped out of school when we were in class 5 is able to afford a motorbike, shoes for his kids, a red brick house with iron sheet roofing… wapi na wapi?

I was typing a similar comment when you read my thoughts!

you read about the reservations where native americans live, and you see that their problems are much like what we are facing here (in spite of them being in umerica):
Why Are Indian Reservations So Poor? A Look At The Bottom 1%

People praise those apartheid like colonial towns with glee as if they lived during that era…Kama munataka kurudi huko then all poor people, lower class and middle class people should vacate Nairobi…so that only the elite get to use and own the city…am sure they’ll make it sparkling clean. Watu warudi ocha.

How many schools were there by then and how many are there now?

Schools were few and far apart

Wrong comparison

Colonialist made deliberate efforts to educate Africans

Waafrika wenyewe can’t do that

Just watch on TV wazazi wakilia they can’t afford to take their kids to form one yet wako Na calling letter but wamehata equity,KCB Na family bank scholarship

But Kuna watu kwa ministry wanalipiwa bursaries za up to 1M in high end Schools!!!

No such thing existed during beberu time

Which only goes to show that colonial life was bad.
But then, come to think of it, jungus have easier access to money from the global capital system. so having them around can be beneficial. to see how true this is, you just need to visit malindi and see how things work in that town. so jungus are good, but only if they are around as tourists, rather than as rulers. still, in the malindi case, you find exploitation starting to creep in, as the resident jungus start taking up tour guiding jobs, gift selling jobs, hotel administrative jobs and others that could be done by the local people. While at it, we (as africans) need to figure out how to tap into the global capital system – the way china did – so as to stop living like bonobos.

They educated only a small cadre to help them rule the nation. They also made a deliberate effort to ensure that the vast majority were left in ignorance.

correction , american indians live like kings in their reserves where U.S laws are relaxed … they also own cassinos and make millions…

My grandfather died in 1996,he was 101 years old

He told me he joined school at 17
He was forced…he never went willingly

Never paid a single cent

Learnt for 5 years…didn’t go past class 5…there was no nursery and pre unit then
went for training in the UK as fireman for 15 months

Never bribed anyone kufika hapo

Came back…got employed at embakasi airport

Educated his all his kids bila shida

Sahii Kama hujuani Na hauna pesa…mtoto wako hatasoma Na hatapata kazi kwa gava

I doubt that

Wapi uliona au kusikia mzee yeyote akisema alikatazwa kwenda shule na beberu??

They needed firemen to take care of possible fires when they land their planes. Now if your grandpa was trained to be a pilot instead of a zimamoto, wouldnt that be something?

then colonialism must have been a rather good thing. our forefathers must have been daft to fight against it.

Kwani how many schools were there before colonialists came?

Look at it this way

How many schools did colonialists build between 1920-1963

And how many did Africans build after independence within the same time frame?