Why the military in government is bad news for Kenya

Al Jazeera recently aired the documentary, All The Prime Minister’s Men which exposes the military’s excesses in Bangladesh and their tight grip on criminality and corruption.

This begs the questions, what exactly is the KDF doing in the Ministry of lands, Nairobi City Hall and other civil arms of government? Who exactly are these officer’s appointed by UK and what will be their role in elections, government contracts & political landscape?


This will come back to bite us on the booty!!

Hata hawa al jazeera ni anti Trump mbaya. Very biased and one sided.

Take it with a pinch of salt.

There’s a journalist there Mehdi Hassan he even wrote his opinions on Twitter about how much he was glad for a Biden victory. He apologized for ever covering Trump.

Journalism in the modern day.

Shida huyo general alitoka family ya majambazi. His 2 bros are wanted for murder. So sio surprising kuona huyo general vile ana miss use power.

Contrary to popular belief, the military excels in discipline.

Brigadier Ali made sweeping changes in the NPS and for that the police bosses made sure not to have such a caliber of a man.

Is that why he was taken to the Hague?

He was acquitted at mention. He told the Hague that given the same set of circumstances, he wouldn’t change a thing.

Yeah, he sees no problem with shooting a few Luos.

Contrary to popular belief, the corruption and mediocrity that pervades all government institutions in Kenya has not spared the armed forces. Discipline has nothing to do with it. They are still human and humans can be compromised by their greed. This idea that Badi and the NMS can do no wrong merely because they’ve cleaned up the streets a bit is laughable, especially considering the DoD is where the biggest heist are pulled off in secret, under the guise of national security.

I usually see fools applauding Mbadi coz the streets are clean and then womder if clean streets means a functional government

I intentionally skipped out mentioning Mbadi because I knew it would be a political issue, it really depends on one’s own self of worth and how entrapped one is to their ego.

That being said boot camps knock discipline into you or out of you.

I still maintain Brigadier Ali was a cut above most.

At the very least one part of the government is functional

Mehdi Hassan no longer works for Al jazeera, sai yuko media filani huko yunares states. All in all he’s a serious journalist … aliweka Raia Mkuu on the spot to explain how he’s related to Obama mujamaa akaanza kula mdomo

The same people who killed Recce and stole jewelery from a mall?

Was he convicted?

Would you blame a commander for sabotage acts done by rogue tribal officers?

Do you not understand personal responsibility?

Right I forgot that the entire KDF barracks were emptied and ordered to rob off jewelry at the mall.

He wasn’t convicted because the witnesses are sleeping with the fishes

The fishes told you that?

Hehe … unanimalisa