Why the KDF is still using the F-5


The year is 2016, most of the air forces of the world are investing in the development and production of fifth generation fighters, some of the 4th gen fighters are being upgraded to have capabilities fit for the future and the earlier models are being retired. The 3rd generation fighters are being used for lead in pilot training, dissimilar air combat training (simulating enemy fighters), getting sold to private adventure companies, getting scrapped or used for target practice


And then there’s the F-5. This jet is one of a kind. Originally built to be given to american allies who couldn’t afford the other jets on offer during the cold war but with full weapons and systems integration. Some important reasons still keep it in the air today not just for Kenya but others e.g Brazil which upgraded hers to have Beyond Visual Range capabilities (shoot down other planes before they know you are around/have a lock on them), US Navy which uses the F-5 for training and acquired some a few years back from Switzerland na kadhalika. To know why the KDF is still using the F-5, we have to understand a few things.

Threat Matrix

Take a look at the nations around us. UG with six Su-30MK2 but they are more of allies, Ethiopia with Su-27’s Mig-23’s and 21’s whose airworthiness is in question and they have the Eritrians to worry about, Tanzania bought Chengdu J-7’s which are 50’s design (chinku copy of Mig-21)South Sudan, Somalia so nothing that the 25 F-5E can’t handle currently.

Cost per Flying Hour (monthly)

This is a variable cost that looks at many details including fuel cost, maintenance costs, engine overhaul costs, flight hour per pilot per month etc etc. The following are figures for various planes (Figures in dollars FY2012)

Dassault Mirage 4000- 4900
Dassault Rafale: 16500
F-4: 5,628 to 5,804
F-5: 3,600 to 4,900
F-15: 13,000 to 21,000
F-16: 4,700 to 9000
F-18: 11,000 to 24,000
F-22: 44,000 to 62,000
Mig-21: 4500
Mig-29: 5500
Saab Gripen: Not more than 4700 (average of 3000)
Su-30: 12,000 to 14,000



The F-5 can be prepped to cover a variety of missions depending on need be it reconnaissance, air superiority and interdiction, close air support, counter insurgency operations. Multipurpose missions without needing different platforms

Yes the year is 2016, modernosation of the KDF is ongoing (I will post on possible F-5 replacements) but with the above reasons, the platform is still very much up to the task, ask al-shaitan.

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i thought uliwanunulia F6 wakakataa…


Bado sijafika kuwa birrionaire alafu hata na hizi millions zangu sidhani pentagon watakubali kuniuzia F-16

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Hiyo Saab Gripen naskia pia ni moto wa kuotea mbali. Are there any other capable fighter jets that are not made by USA/France/Russia /China? And what happened to the Eurofighter Typhoon? Some years back it was all over the place.

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honest opinion.
do you think kdf should be armed more than it already is?
arent they under utilizing the weapons we have in store when dealing with alkebabs?

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Sasa mimi ni meanza mambo flight SIM na cessna vipi. Shout out to @ochithunder for the night you gave me inspiration. @Jazzman tuko 3rd world so pole pole mkiacha corruption na muanze kulipa tax vizuri.

That’s the thing with fighting an insurgency, it’s impossible to go all out because those twats hide behind civilians. The heavy weapons are good when fighting a standing army but for these guys, you’ll need a soldier who can adapt to match the enemy. Even america and ussr with all their might cannot/couldn’t beat the mujahideen in afghanistan hence the heavy use of Spec Ops and drones or in the case of Iraq and Israel, small turboprops (akina cessna caravan) are fitted with intelligence collwcting equipment and missiles

KDF is already superbly armed it’s just that these matters aren’t advertised to us, you have to go looking for it.

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India is a 3rd world country but that hasn’t stopped it from buying Rafales

For the sake of argument we deserve but India have a space program and a huge economy. Fuck, just remembered that Moi’s goverment failed to support some Italian space program on our shores. Bure kabisa. Anyways let’s talk jet fighters.

Gripen is currently the cheapest 4th gen fighter to operate lakini unaelewa mambo ya lobbying, operators sio wengi vile. The South Africans have them though.

IAI kfir and Nashem from Israel, Ka-50 from south korea, Hindustan Tejas from India, Atlas Cheetar from SA, they are in plenty

The Typhoon is bad ass. Made intentionally to be unaerodynamic to increase maneuvarability and it is computers that keep it flying. There are rumours that if the comps are to fail the plane would just drop out of the sky. The main air superiority fighter for italy, germany, spain and uk. It’s a 4.5 gen aircraft but still better than the F-35. Some german pilots had kill marks on their planes against the F-22. I don’t know the parametres of the dogfight but having kill marks of baba yao is serious


Ok, in terms of economic strength, Kenya can comfortably support operations with gripens, f-16, mig-29 and its chinese copies. The F-16 is a good candidate to replace the F-5 lakini hii mambo ya foreign military assistance na foreign military sales ya congress naona ikileta shida. If the kenyatta senior and moi Error hadn’t fucked us up, where do you think we’d be?


Most def, waikulu for example apart from lifting the skirt and buying land and some mediocre off shore shizzle, why not steal and drive innovation? Jazzman I know little about those jets apart from once I watched on nat geo a rookie US service man entrusted with a $400m jet. Niachia hapo.

P. S most if not all advanced military hardware and innovation comes from the private sector through governments contracts.

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Hiyo mambo huniuma sana. We have the education but the people supposed to build the infrastructure are busy stealing. Shooting politicians for sport should be made legal.

True, if you are paid millions, motivation comes easily

400 million? Enda utandike hao producers. F-22 ni 150 million na ndio the most expensive


Let me see if I can get reference.

Ptsssss…our enemies are armed with assault riffles,rpgs,and ieds.

Ata iyo f16 tukinunua itatumika tuu ku entertain raia hapo nyayo stadium sikukuu


Labda tununue f14 tomcat

Where’s @Wafs ?Bring your little knowledge here nigga.


people hii ndo future ya warcraft zero dead pilots, thousand dead enemies best part is drones ni cheaper na you never see them coming

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kwani unaishi kwa bafu stealth drones kama hii RQ-170 Sentinel zimetengenezwa specifically kuavoid radar