Why the fight against corruption is a charade

Some people are excited about the so called fight against corruption. Some have been saying it is political and persecutions. But for me… It is more than that. It is useless waste of time and resources. My question is since the inception of EACC whivh high level goverment officer has been convicted and billions of corruption recovered. Now some are excited about Achesa who just like Rotich and his company will be released tommorow and the events forgotten. I think most of these so called corruption fights are created with an intention of making it collapse at the end and have it blamed on Judiciary. We have just been seeing arrests upon arrests and tommorow morning the looters are free enjoying the loot. Even the impeached Waititu is enjoying the loot and nothing will happen. The same case with Sonko and the rest, they will never be held accountable. I belive Judiciary is not to blame but rather the investigative agencies. I believe theh are normally compromised with the loot so as to ensure that the cases fail but at the same time it be seen they have fought corruption by doing something. Later when the cases are thrown out for lack of evidence they then blame Judiciary for being ineffective and so cleanse themselves

Those who are pretending to fight corruption have looted Kenya since independence

Kamwana has learnt from Xi who used the same anticorruption tecniques to get rid of his political enemies.

As far as am concerned, as long as some corrupt people are being gotten rid of bcoz of political infighting, the better for Kenya

Corruption will only be fought in Kenya when we shall get a selfless non-fearing leader who is ready to risk all for the country. A leader like Duterte who can even form a firing squad to curb the destructive vice.

Iba pesa,jenga maflats all over…hakuna mtu atakusumbua

Rinse & repeat, I say if the investigative agencies can be corrupted so can the Judiciary.

How opprtune of you to conceive all this right after WSR is caught up once again in one of his ‘webs’. I highly doubt whether this would be your inference if it were RAO or Uunye mentioned in this scandal! Grow up and stop taking us for fools. We are keeping tabs on everything that you and your degenerate ilk are doing with your vestiges of power and trust you me WSR kiti ni Viusasa as usual! Nonsense! Tunajua wewe ni WSR sycophant!