Why the elite hate paying taxes

They already know the architecture of the system (government). Paying taxes is literally funding a corrupt politician’s/bureaucrat’s lifestyle.

Wanjiku pays taxes ==> Politicians and other government officials loot 2 billion per day ===> Wanjiku gets no value for her taxes.

Rinse and repeat.

The entire system is designed to loot from Wanjiku through taxes and make the elite richer. If you can avoid paying taxes, do so. Tax avoidance is legal.

As peasants pay 30%+ in PAYE, landlords pay 10%. All laws are designed by the elite to benefit them. That’s why a hardworking doctor/teacher/nurse will have a higher tax rate than a billionaire landlord.

Meanwhile, Uhunye gets his dividends taxed at 5%.

If you belong to the elite class, and hang out with politicians and bureaucrats in that class, you will have serious problems paying tax because you will know exactly where your money ends up.

Nobody likes paying taxes.

Watu wawe kama waSomali those guys are allergic to paying taxes/levies anywhere rarely are their businesses compliant, shop inaekwa MPESA hapo kando, hakuna Till/paybill…cash only.

I wonder who likes paying taxes?
Nobody likes it, believe me. I have never met a person who would wait for the day when they would pay taxes. Everybody would like to avoid paying taxes, elites just have the resources to afford the lawyers who would help them reduce the amount of taxes legally. That’s it!. If you had enough money to afford it, you would definetely do it without hesitation.

I file nil returns.

Mkuu is vipi? Unakuanga na hustle gani?

i filled my NIL return on 02/01/2022

Taxation = theft.

Hakuna mtu anafaa to eat from your sweat!

Lakini for this system to thrive, it must be propped by some psychological (mental slavery) chieth.

There’s a certain religion that tells people they ought to give 10% of what you earn to some Disney character… This is meant to pacify people to accept when government steals from THEM (ILLEGALLY) via VAT, PAYE etc… It’s OK, But by convincing people to willingly give away their hard earned money to some higher purpose (God) it’s easy to steal from them via some other ‘higher purpose’ (government)

That’s why the government does not tax churches and runs a mass indoctrination program via public education (where you learn your CRE)

Currently niko kwa studies flani hivi how to set up offshore structures and other tax avoidance shiyt(info)which I plan to sell for profit. So far my biggest hurdle is convincing people how they are enslaved to their “beliefs” (especially rich folk)

Curious how u are planning on doing that cz taxes are taxed where they are earned. Offshore structures are mostly for asset protection and Americans who use GAAP which are more lenient to tax avoiders compared to us with our IFRS. Hapa u will have to play with Operating Expenditures and Capital Deductions.