Why some Kenyans working abroad can't afford a ticket or 28k for quarantine

Many Kenyans in Kenya assume that Kenyans abroad are drowning in money, the reality is that from the people I know abroad is that the Kenyans abroad make alot, alot of sacrifices, they literally just live to work, they do not have the casual 8 to 5 life Kenyans have with weekends off and all public holidays off and 30 days paid leave. Some work as many as 3 jobs and for the ones who work as househelps in gulf countries, they can stay for a good 3 years never seen the outside of their sponsors houses, sponsors are the employers. For a paltry 20k which they send home to their parents and kids and for development like building houses and the like. You can imagine that you have been in the house for barely one month and you feel like you are losing it. Yet you are just eating, sleeping, watching TV, maybe reading, praying, exercising. As in its like a retreat or holiday. These Kenyans abroad are working upto 16 hrs a day in a very hostile environment in gulf countries. For years just slaving indoors for 20k a month which you are not even assured as you are at the mercy of the boss. Then when they pony up the money for the flight, government wants them to pay 28k for quarantine. I don’t know about China but I am just appealing to Kenyans in Kenya to pressure on government to assist repatriate Kenyans stranded abroad. I know many time government has bowed to pressure. Let’s not forget that it’s the poor state of the economy bcz of corruption that drives these kids to keep going to gulf and other countries. I want to add videos from a certain lovely gentleman who is called Daniel Gichuhi who by the call of God helps those who are stranded abroad especially in gulf countries together with other Kenyans of godwill. Please watch keenly and let’s keep pressure up to repatriate our brothers and sisters who want to come home but lack the wherewithal. Please let’s not adopt the condescending attitude of some people here ati how can you be working abroad and you can’t afford 28k. Tukue na Roho za Utu. And always remember that God resists the proud who make fun of the less fortunate especially wale wanajiita wakristo but your work is just to dismiss your fellow Kenyans in distress ati walienda kufanya nini kama hawawezi afford 28k. Especially if you are a Christian just shut up that arrogant mouth bcz Mungu anaweza kukupiga Kofi mpaka ushangae. Mtu unashinda hapa ukijiita mkristo na uko na Roho ngumu kuliko chatu. Some people are a disgrace to the kingdom of God. And I would like to ask that person who said that if you you are sooo rich why aren’t you, yourself, in Kenya, the real tycoons are in Kenya enjoying nice tropical weather not with racist white folk in horrible weather that’s not meant for blacks. Hizo comments zinaniudhi sana. These guys are really in desperate situations and I want you to see for yourself so that as Kenyans we can just be compassionate and have empathy for what our fellow Kenyans who get stranded abroad under hostile hosts and even illnesses go through. Let’s also remember them in prayers, afterall the Bible says that the king’s heart is in the Lord’s hands, God can move the president to do the needful if we join in prayer in one accord. Blessings.



Nelly Maina


Leah Kagiri from Githunguri


Julieta Wakesho from Taita


Leah from Kiambu



40 Days 40 Nights without food or water …trying so hard. This is a fake

I watched this findio when you posted it a while ago. While I was busy feeling sorry for her, she said she is thinking of going back there…I mean… how so?
I don’t know whether you have ever dealt with a close family member of yours so keen to relocate to those countries. To them majuu is majuu which is not the case. At all!!!. I have and our kazo ignored us and went ahead. Ile mambo aliona she will take to her grave…
I think the women ‘rapes’ have failed us here by not giving these kids any civic education.

Its the frustrations in Kenya driving them back there. I work in a building with an agency. On any given day girls are streaming in like nothing you have ever seen. That’s when you realize there’s a very big unemployment problem in this country. The worst part is that mtu hawezi Pata hata job ya 20k in Kenya. The number of unemployed youth is in millions. Either way government should just assist in repatriation bcz currently there is no employment Kenyans are sleeping in the streets and airports. Let them be brought back till this covid crisis ends then if they want to they can still come back.

It is a v sad situation and when I think about how Jubilee lied to our youth, then proceeded to steal their money…I feel v sick and nauseated.

Our gava will not be helping in repatriating them. They have other ‘bigger’ priorities saa hii. If they cannot help the students stranded in China, what hope do these kids have? if they cannot even look after those in quarantine what hope do we have yet our God has been so merciful to us???. Sure you have seen the scary numbers in London rising each day…if those stats hit Kenya we are all kufad. Scary AF kutoka kwa nyumba.

Anyways I digressed…back to the stranded ones in the Gulf…

Today’s headlines in the Nation were about the stranded in China if the pressure keeps mounting they will do something. This is reactive government.

What a story. Good grief it dehumanizing what Nelly went through. It hits close home when I remember an intern at my place of work left us recently from her accounts assistant attachment job. She was excited she had gotten a job in Qatar and was feeling overused and underpaid, defiantly pleased with her prospects. These traffickers know how to pick them though I am hoping it was different.

Gulf is bad news. Bad. Bad. Unless you work with an international firm. Bure these Arabs ni wanyama sana.

What I found vvv frustrating is the fact that she would still like to go back there. If she earns 28k in the Gulf, she can earn half that in Kenya kwa wadosi…and be at home…yes the gava has failed them but pia wengine hawatumii akili.

The Stockholm Syndrome.

This is very sad. Every time I go through hard times, I remind myself that there’s people going through worse. She sounds very articulate. Some people settle for too little.

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