Why Somalis Get Rich In Kenya. Magendo Business Across Kenya-Somali Border

You wonder how Somali tycoons buy entire land block and demolish everything to build malls within just months? Not that they are good in business. Their extremely long Coastline back in Somali is ever busy offloading goods from Asia and some of those goods are sneaked into Kenya and Ethiopia.

You will see a Walaloh selling a genuine Samsung or LG TV for Ksh 80,000 while the same TV goes for Ksh 87,000 in shops that comply with our hefty taxes. Same with fabrics, toys, perfumes.


KRA inajaribu but they know how to grease a few palms.

Kitu ingine Walalohs wanashindia nywele ngumu ni Brotherhood. Sisi tuna wivu kupindikia such that a Kikuyu will not even trust his biological brother with a soft loan of Ksh 5,000. Wazoomali wanapoeshanaga hata Millioni 5 under just a Gentleman’s agreement na hawarushani coz to them brotherly trust is stronger than money.


Kweli kabisa elder. Sisi nywele ngumu huwa tuna compete to do better than the others. Na ukipata honey pot unataka kula solo na unaficha ndio wasee wengine wasikuje kuonja asali