I am a student of Political Science. I love the Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli. As a student in the Masters’ Degree, I wrote an article on why Trump would win in 2016, despite never being ahead of Clinton and all rape charges against him. People laughed…the rest is history. Here is why I believe Ruto will be the next President. I am not a Kalenjin…

People love someone who will shake up the system and prove that family connections, fancy schooling, and a famous name don’t guarantee a win, whether it’s in a sports arena or the business world. That is why Leicester won many hearts by winning the Premier League. Watch out for Ruto.

  1. An enemy from within is more dangerous than an external enemy- While it is true that Uhuru is clipping Ruto’s power and destroying his base in Jubilee and government; Ruto has the capacity to inflict damage that may take time for Uhuru to recover. Ruto before being an outcast understood the workings of the government. He knows which place hurt most. I think Ruto is talking less because he is bidding his time. He knows when to talk when to fight and when to run. So now is just the time to watch. He is the calm before a storm. When Odinga kicked Ruto out of ODM, he was so sure that Sally, Kosgei, and Franklin would bring him the Rift Valley votes. Odinga never recovered in the Rift Valley. Ruto once told Jirongo siasi haitaki haraka ama makasiriko.

  2. Uhuru’s fate depends on the goodwill of Odinga, Gideon and Kalonzo-Uhuru is beholden to Odinga. He has to please Odinga to be able to rein on Ruto. In this forum people say, usizae watoto wengi kama huezi lea. Uhuru will now have to satisfy large and many egos. Ruto on the other hand has to just sit and wait and see the coalition against him fail. NARC failed after the election of 2002 because their agenda was removing Moi. After Moi was gone what was next? The coalition is built against Ruto, unfortunately, this time Ruto knows better.

3) Dynasty VS Hustlers- Covid-19 has presented Ruto with the biggest opportunity of his lifetime. People have become poorer, out of jobs, and a huge debt. All he has to do is tap to the majority of Kenyans whose life has become unbearable. He has successfully said the dynasty doesn’t want a hustler. Forgot he is a billionaire, most people associate with him.

4)Kikuyu votes divided-Kenyans vote based on tribes. The Rift valley Kikuyu would not dare vote against Ruto as they are seen as dispensable by the larger Mt Kenya Kikuyu. Secondly, there are so many Kikuyus, who see Uhuru government as a failure. I have friends from all over central who can never stomach Uhuru or even follow him. They support Ruto and this feeling is massive. They are the latent voters- those that don’t speak coz of fear but know where their hearts are.

5)Never underestimate someone that hustled their way to the top-Ruto never got to the top of Kenyan politics by being given seats like Uhuru or Gideon. This is a man who learned from the streets by crook. He stole Rift Valley from Moi while Mzee was alive. He stole portions of Western Kenya and Portions of Coast from Odinga. A self-made Prince is more ruthless than one that inherits the throne.

That said, all of them all thieves that don’t care about Kenya but themselves. Also, I think Ruto made major mistakes by playing his cards early and underestimating Uhuru.

Sawa basi.
Due to this article kimbia kwa @administrator uchukue PHD certificate.

Great political analysis. Huku Thika watu wamechoka na Uhuru sana. Ruto ako na wafuasi sana. Believe it or not, some Kikuyus are tired of Wanjohi Macho Red.

Mimi, I don’t support Ruto or Uhuru- But It is time we are done with these Dynasties.


Few people across Kenya disagree that Uhuru has failed…
But the pure stupidity is thinking Ruto is a solution…

Good analysis. This would be true if 2 things were also true in kenya

  1. That the voters determine the elected
  2. That non kiuks also identified with the tanga tanga movement.

As it is right now, the dynasties will determine the next president, unless WSR has some really miraculous connections. The only way to get in there is if WSR and Uhuru have been fooling people all this time, and Uhunye lets him in.

Secondly, anyone now can have an impact on kenyans. Kenyans are too desperate to care about where their help comes from. Also, a split kiuk vote does not give any advantage to WSR.

Halafu anapanguza mdomo[ATTACH=full]302241[/ATTACH]

kumezea hii kiti mate…

Ruto and dynasties can go to hell…

Macchiavelli says that to finish your enemy, ensure you crush him totally. Uhuru is slowly crushing the other.
Macchiavelli further says that in a democratic government, leadership is either defined by two people: peasants or the nobles. The noble seems not to support Ruto. With regards to peasants, he seems to have regional support and not a nationwide support. In short, it will be very hard for Ruto to win the presidency unless Uhuru changes the tune.

There is a passage in The Prince saying that when you conquer a man, you can take anything he has but not his inheritance. For if you take his inheritance or challenge him on it, he will fight blood and sweat for the insurance.

No poosy was 10/10 buddy

I agree with the above analysis but Ruto is not the best candidate either.He is halfway to becoming a dynasty if dynasties is all Kenyans hate

It’s time we have someone new but smart.Maybe even Abduba Dida,as for Aukot,I discarded him the day he published his punguza mzigo,to me it demonstrated how he does not understand issues.

Or we get a battle hardened El Adde survivor who has the necessary qualifications,at least such a guy will value what needs to be valued.

A quick question, how do you get to win in a game of chess??.. Hint- kindly take your sweet time and think really hard before responding

that is a very negative non verbal cue,means sly,greedy…

Enyewe hapa umeweza kapsaaaa!!

Learning siasa from villagemates

I think a toilet paper should be made president of Kenya.

After 2022, Gideon Moi will be president with Raila being prime minister and a guy from Sendro to be DP.