Why Relationship With Women Over 30 is Just a Horrible Deal

Few things i have learned from being with women over 30+ and why i will never have a relationship with them again

They like to run the relationship down into marriage faster
Less fun and adventurous because they had their fun with other men And done it all
You can never be sure if she actually loves you and is not settling for you.at this point in their life they usually feel they are not moving forward unless they get married and have kids

The mighty and merciless wall.

She comes with psychological and emotional damage from her exs

My point is that overall it makes no sense to commit to woman who is over 30 especially in this age where infidelity and fornication is the norm and you know nothing about her past life.minimize your risk.

To be honest I don’t talk to women over twenty eight years and single moms!!

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A woman at thirty has given her best years to other dicks. A man at thirty has just started the prime of his life. Sadly majority of modern women can’t see this reality

I’m done having my fun…now looking for a serious man…the audacity of these broads…no one wants spoilt Greek yogurt

Depressed and lonely men need to stop embarrassing themselves just to get a family. Open marriages everywhere!

MGTOW=FREEDOM…tutasema mara ngapi ,a woman over the age of 24 is a waste of time ,she is done and dusted ,she has ridden the cock carousel and intoxicated her self with all manner of intoxicants to a point of no redemption,she’s an utter waste of time.

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Single over 30s wengi ni lanyes

Ukona machungu sana. Is it because you married a 40 years old smelly single mother of seven children?

Malaya tu ndo imekua imejaa kwa akili yako.

Marrying a 30 year old makes sense, if you are 50 and she has no children. She pays the price of marrying an old man, you pay the price of marrying a woman past her prime years.
Hizi vitu mimi huona ni relative based on personal circumstances. If Atwoli marries a 30 year old woman, I wouldn’t call it a bad deal. If a man below 50 marries a 30+ year old woman, he is getting a raw deal.

Men 18-80 want young fertile women 18-24…since time immemorial. In the bible someone was given old Leah after working for seven years(hard labor) still went on to work 7 more years for the tighter Rachael. Atwoli is just scared society will judge him if seen with a younger vaj.

Women also have wants you know. It is not about what men want only. It is a negotiation process and there is some give and take. It is not possible for all men to get what they want and the same applies to women. That’s why compromises exist. A few men can marry virgins at 80 and those ones are the ones that make the news. Most men can’t pull it off. Be realistic.

There is a point in life when it would make perfect sense to marry a 30-35 year old woman. Assume that you are 50 and you find a 30 year old woman with no children. After evaluating and testing her uone mnaelewana. That would be a good deal to the 50 year old man in my opinion.

Men have to stop this moral high ground stuff…women don’t care about your struggles they wait at the finish line and pick the winner. 30 yr old women tried getting a winner and failed after being pounded mercilessly by Kevos and Brayos. If you marry an over 28 she is settling for you with her eyes out for a bigger winner…

You know I am the originator of that statement in bold…right?? I already knew that years ago.

A 50 year old man is also not desirable to women younger than 30. You can go and find the one example that made the news and use it to argue against my claim but statistics prove otherwise. To a 50+ man, it makes perfect sense to marry a 30+ year old woman. At that age, you also have baggage in the form of age. She is also compromising. If she had a choice she would choose the guy who is 5 years older than her, not 15 or 20.

Most of you fcukers here preaching about not having anything to do with 30+ women are the same mfs patronizing all the dingy places beyond Tom Mboya street shopping for cheap overused punanis. Rejection is not an anomaly, accept and move on guys.

What you guys don’t understand is kuna kitu inaitwa pair bonding for women…once they have sex with more than five different guys she cannot pair bond. At thirty most women are past it. But you are free to wife a 304

It is only dumb to marry a 30+ woman if you are young e.g 30s and 40s. Beyond that it makes sense.

Standards zenu ziko juu hata kuliko birrionea Jeff Bezos. :smiley: