Why Raila will never climb the mountain

Back in the early to mid-aughts, Raila was a hero to the Kikuyu for telling Moi to fuck off and leading a rebellion that broke KANU and helped Kibaki ascend to the presidency. We called him JAMBA- ndume and he was very much on track to succeed Kibaki in 2012 until he became impatient.

Mid 2005 they fell out over some MOU and the constitution and hapo ndio Kikuyu na Raila walimalizana .Mganga made his problem with Kibaki Kikuyus .He started the Mt Kenya Mafia incitement and made it shameful to be a Kikuyu in this country .You’d go to an office watu wakijua jina yako ya pili unapata sneers and Wakavirondo in low income settlements refused to pay rent because Raila made them believe that all Kikuyus were benefiting from akina Murungaru stealing.

His incendiary promotion of majimbo was clearly an anti Kikuyu agenda and it made the Mountaineers develop a siege mentality na wakaswear they would ensure the mganga from Bondo would never become president. Never again will we ever be on the defensive .

The 2005-2012 political atmosphere is not lost on any Kikuyu over the age of 35.

But Mzee Rao won it in 2007, at the peak of his powers, but Mzee Kibaki akaamua hataachilia kiti. He had the ethnic numbers za RV, Nyanza, Western, Coast na N.E. That’s one election Mzee won fair and square before akina Karua convinced Kibaki otherwise and led to 2008 PEV. In hindsight, perhaps he should have listened more to akina Ruto but akakuwq impatient and agreed on nusu mkate.

Baba kuachiliabkiti 2007 will hunt him forever. A repeat election angeosha obako ten nill

That’s what Ruto alikuwa anashikilia, cos bloodshed ilikuwa ishaanza kufanyika but mzee akaskia damu inamwagika na kuna possibility Obako hatawachilia kiti akaona hatakubali PM post impite


2007 alishinda but in hindsight Kibaki alifanya vizuri kutoachilia …The retard couldn’t wait to fire Ruto and he lost the Kalenjin vote …:D:D:D:D:D

Ojinga hauwezi elewa hii maneno

:smiley: Luos would have finished us. Na mzee angelipisha kisasi na story ya 41 vs 1

Haiya. Kai wi mugikuyu? Tiga tutirendaga gucokio hindi ya moi riria bururi waharaganire niundu wa wuici wa andu acio. Bururi waharagana andu othe makoraguo maithori. Kuoguo turonete ngoma iyo ya bondo ni jegegega gukira iyo ya sukoi.

hau nijũ todũ uhuru aramunyitete nyee na na mwene ũyũ ũgi Gachagua eeh ritho na rũriri rwi ritho .Dikũona uria mũitũ ũcio agetũcokia kwa Moi .Either way ,johi wa Mũthamaki uhuru niyo itũikitie haha tũrĩ

Kina looto were hardliners (even more than baba) mpaka wakaasha moto huko kiambaa to make kibaki concede. Looto had been promised PM position then and he couldnt imagine losing it by baba conceding, just the way he wanted to slap ohuru for wanting to concede in 2017. Baba has a human heart and knows when to reach consensus, ie give and take for the sake of the nation, lakini huyo mtu mwingine hapana, he is a bloodthirsty hyena that only stops when the last bone is swallowed.

Raila only walked out of KANU because Moi went back on his words that he would support him for president in 2002, but he instead chose Uhuru Kenyatta.

If Moi had supported Raila, he would have sanitized Moi’s regime just like he sanitized Uhuru’s regime after handshake.

But it was Kibaki who refused to negotiate with Moi that became president in 2002.

Raila’s problem is that he expects power to be given to him instead of taking it.

After Kibaki became president, he expected Kibaki to make him prime minister in 2003, and look what happened.

Also, it’s a fallacy that Raila needed Kikuyus votes to become president.

Raila NEVER NEEDED Kikuyu votes to become president.

The Kalenjins, Luhyas, Luos, and Kambas voting as a block made Raila win the elections in 2007 without Kikuyus votes.

But he threw Ruto under the bus because of the handshake with Kibaki, and ICC case.

After becoming prime minister, he thought he was one step away from the president and isolated his key allies.

If Raila had stuck with Ruto as an ally, he would have become president in 2013.

But it was Uhuru who was kept a distance from Kibaki’s government that became president in 2013.

Ruto was more willing to work with Raila than Uhuru but the ICC case changed everything.

Notice that Raila also didn’t negotiate with Wetangula and Mudavadi after the handshake with Uhuru – that mistake costed him the 2022 elections.

Raila repeated the same mistakes in 2002, 2013 and 2022.

Raila is the keyhii you and your ilk were born to ridicule. It’s in the syllabus. That Godforsaken African. Communist cum animist; is the natural enemy of the Christian Nyayo Republic of Kenya.


Raila lost in 2007 even after stealing in Nyanza where turnout was over 100%. The only reason he thought he won is because Orange won 2005 referendum. But by 2007 elections, Kalonzo had bolted out with over 800k votes. Kibaki had won in Nairobi, eastern, north eastern and central. I challenge those saying Raila won to state by how many votes. History will record the results announced by Kivuitu.

The violence in 2007 started before the announcement of results, ODM had planned the violence before elections, I know because I was in Eldoret and people used to talk openly vile watafukuza wakikuyu

And so Raila took Ruto and Uhuru to the Hague to be charged with crimes against humanity and you lived happily ever after. Raila ni mganga Raila ni shetani. Wajinga nyinyi. Bladfakin.

Raila si @ndume

Good points you make elder. And let’s be honest, Ruto put in the work which helped him ascend to the highest seat. Raila should now just sit back and enjoy his retirement, nothing more he can do.

Kambas did not vote for Raila in 2007. Bukusus also voted for Kibaki

Bogus points he makes elder. And let’s be honest, Ruto put in the dirty work which helped him ascend to the highest seat. “Kazi ni kazi.” Raila should now just sit back and enjoy his retirement, nothing more he can do but forever hold his peace. May God Bless the Republic of Kenya. Amen.