Why Raila Lost The Election


Huyu jamaa ni kama ni mgamu sana. Gachagua aliambia Ruto watapanda mlima wakitumia pesa. Raila is a perfect example of mkono mtupu haulambwi.

How many harambees did Raila attend in Mount Kenya?? How many other events did he contribute towards?? Money plays a big role in swinging the balance - campaigns bila pesa kwa ground hazitoshi. Meanwhile jambazi chama yake runs like a well-oiled machine because it is.

RAO is just a fool. mt Kenya billionaires gave him an open cheque, Uhuru gave him govt resources , ongeza hidden foreign govts . jamaa ni kama aliiba hio pesa yote vile amezoea in other campaigns

Wewe wacha kugeuka mtu yako.

Rao could spend trillions in mt ke and kyuks would not have still voted for him mahn! Lets be honest the hatred planted in them towards jengs would never allow ! The best they could do is abstain from voting. In my submission his trying to woo the mt was a fools errand he should just have solidified his strong holds coast and western kept weta and mdvd …period but thats water under the bridge now.

:D:D:D:D tuko nyuma ya Ruto , mimi na @kush yule mnono

I disagree. Money is a very strong motivator. Considering that he lost by a narrow margin, using money would have made a difference.

Sigh… Mambo ya uchaguzi iliisha

Sijui 2027 itakuwa aje kama raila hatasimama, haki vile sisi thuraku tunapenda kuamka kutuma hiyo jaluo bondo. Ruto need a bogeyman mapema saidi.

Hii ni after action report kama ya seal team six.

Tumepata,kupeleka kalonzo tseikuru

pure bullshittt

RAO ni mngati and its known all over. okay apart from the mountain why did he not dish out money to churches,youth groups, women groups in Western Kenya, Nyanza , Coast to excite the masses? infact he was shouting from the rooftop that Ruto was giving out corruption money to kenyans . so alikuwa ana expect kenyans to refuse the money ? yet yeye hatoi kitu ni kulia tu yet si ati hakuwa amepewa pesa he had an open cheque from mt kenya billionaires . and he is also a multibillionaire . and yes he got a million votes from the mt so story ya hatred has reduced through the generations .

Too many thoughts. It was never about Raila to say the least. It is about our common conscience. This election has been a divisive question, and I am talking as a thuraku. It cuts across tribe and family. Lets not be at haste to come to conclusions. It needs a lot of introspection.

:D:D:D lazima tumtafutie tumakosa thuraku zikae zikijua.


mkuu nilikuuliza the other day kwani uli jump ship? :smiley:

Rao would have promised kyuks 98% of government bado hawangempatia kura hata hizo doo hazingesaidia plain and simple ! Whats better ukuliwe pesa na usipigiwe ama usipigiwe na ubaki na pesa zako knowing hawangekupigia anyway? Secondly rao has always stood on good governance platform so voter bribery is not something that he has in him ! Be as it may imeisha na tumekubali matokeo what is surprising is that kk are more saddened than those bereaved!

Skirt around all you want but facts are stubborn…

True. SK alimpea helicopter za campaigns.

Someone will take the jaluo kingpin mantle and it will be the new Ruto bogeyman

Theirs go beyond money…they share common grief! Loosing sons who they thought would inherit them…as a man who has lost i understand their bond!

Well, as much as I may pretend I aint skirting, His Excellency Ruto is the President. I wish him the best.