Why Raila is Right About Mitumba

China’s population has shrunk for the first time in 60 years. The aging population of China will move from having 100 workers supporting 20 retirees to 100 workers supporting 120 retirees in the next few decades.

What this means is that the world will be moving towards India and Africa in the next few decades as the world’s factory.

Africa has the youngest population in the world. When other countries are busy trying to prepare for the inevitable new world order, a few Kenyans think a booming textile industry is bad for mitumba.

If we have visionary leaders (not jokers like Ruto and Gachagua), Kenya could be like Singapore in the next 20 years.

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Meanwhile assmio na bottom up ndio game…vumbistan…siku ile watu watalishwa lami ndio watajua…teren teren…siasa za upuzi

Funny enough in Meru county there is not a single shop selling mitumbas.
They are the biggest customers for Eastleigh Worias.

Paid bloggers will defend anything Bora walipwe 527 Yao ya siku. Nakumbuka tukiambiwa vile closing our oil refinery will be better.

So tufanye nini?

Tengeneza thufu na kafirifiri kwa umbali bila kusumbua.

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Can’t they rebuild the textile industry without protectionism? They’ve tried this with the sugar industry and it hasn’t worked for many years , what makes them think it will work this time? Where will those involved in the mitumba trade find employment? Will a nascent textile industry be able to compete against Asian imports or will they ban those too? Then there’s AGOA, ban mitumba and we get kicked out of AGOA = more job and forex losses. And how are Kenyans, majority of who live below the poverty line, going to suddenly be able to afford new clothes? Government subsidies?
Long story short - all this is just hot air, they won’t do jack cos the cost would be too high

True ! Banning mtush is oversimplification of a complex problem.
[li]Start by mass growing of Cotton - we used to do it & we know where it does well.[/li][li]Invite textile millers & cloth companies like India, Pakistan & Bangladesh.[/li][li]Manufacture clothes, bedding etc for export with 30% forcefully available for local market[/li][/ol]
Lakini hii ni 5-10 yr plan.

This is a debate that leads no where even baba himself knows that. Mitumba sellers sjould be happy since its giving them free adverticement. We are in a free market. What baba should be telling us is how he will create more jobs thro agriculture, innovation and industrialization

Kenya textile make nylon shirts, kama hizo za eastleigh tu, colour shedding jeans etc

Before the 1990s there were no mitumbas in kenya and mitumbas were banned. And due to that textile factories like raymonds (eldoret), kicomi (kisumu) were doing very well producing fabrics and there were tailors in nearly all shopping centres and towns making clothes for the locals. Women also used to sew or knit sweater for their kids. Then in the 2000s western countries started dumping used clothes into kenya. Most of these clothes are infact charity donations meant for the poor but were turned into trade items. This had the result of killing the local textile industries. But this can still be reversed like Rwanda did by banning import of used clothes. No country has ever developed without being able to make clothes for its citizens. And the cloth making is one of the industries that creates jobs mpaka mashinani. If our tailors can make millions of school uniforms then they can cloth everyone else. For those wondering what mitumba sellers will sell, they will sell new clothes just like plastic bag traders are now selling the new reusable bags. If our grandparents and parents were wearing new clothes in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, then we can do it in the 2020s.


Kweli wewe ni kijana mdogo. Mitumba clothes started out as donations from charities like Goodwill and Oxfam in the 70s and 80s. Pole pole NGOs in Kenya started selling them. Moi to his credit tried to fight the growing industry but he gave up after some time. Older Kenyans will even tell you that he made similar remarks as Raila. Said they were dead people’s clothes.

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Meru Gani?

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Goodluck producing new overtaxed clothes to compete with machine produced Kes 70-90 new shirts from china; in a global market.

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