Why Racism Exists

Author: Unknown
Source: Kenyatta Mkt
Comment: “I resemble that remark!”
Other: who cares if you’ve seen it?



phew ! ! !


Hehehe…thats below the thong

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I thought it was the men… When they looked at the longjohndubly of them niggas

Yet she’s wearing weave harvested a corpse or a horse tail trying to be like the white woman.

Tunajua the only thing umeona hapo ni nywele khasia. Weave can come off, ass cannot be cultivated.

38 grin emojis.

Makes you want to vomit. Huyo ata free ride nakataa

It still doesn’t change the fact white women have a higher market value that black women. They have to keep convincing themselves and other that “black is beautiful”.
black women and asian men least desirable
Tinder Began Exposing Our Ugly Dating Habits Five Years Ago

Wacheni stori mingi. If you laughed or smiled (grinned/tongue-out salivated/guffawed), that’s all that matters. You can’t politicize thuthas.

You let other people decide what’s desirable to you for you?
Does the smile from this queen give you no joy? What is her ‘market value’? Jipende buda.

Anyway, you also raise a valid point with your ignorance. If we don’t raise ourselves and our sons to love their women, someone else will decide for them.

Kajairo was not wrong when he parodied “The Strength Of A Woman” into “The Strength Of A Thutha”…


Anyone who didn’t naturally understand the beauty of melanin and its divine purpose, would be fooled by the way sociocultural standards of beauty paint it today. Few people realize that melanin is found in almost every organ of the body and is necessary for the brain and nerves to operate properly

Black don’t crack.

Hehe…if u say so