Why QR code makes life easier

For those who aren’t aware, QR is short for Quick Response, usually used by smartphones or tablets.

Also what most people don’t know is that there is a never-ending list of creative ideas with which we can implement the use of QR codes to make our lives easier.

Here are some ways you can use QR codes to enhance your life. They’re pretty simple ideas but they work wonders.

Can link you to someone’s social networking profile

Let’s say you’re in a networking event then you meet this new guy or girl. After having a chat, you realize you have some things in common.

So you ask, “Hey, are you on Facebook?” The person says Yes. S(he) then pulls out his/her business card and tells you their QR code to their Facebook account is there.

All you need to do is pull out your phone, scan the code and voila, add this new friend to your list of Facebook friends.

You can research and buy movie tickets with your phone

Let’s say you’re in a mall just minding your business then spot a movie poster that looks quite interesting. Luckily, the poster has a QR code printed at the bottom.

All you need to do is whip out your phone and scan the QR code. Thereafter, you’ll be led to a mobile web page that lets you watch the movie trailer. If you find it worth watching, you can log into your account and book yourself some tickets for the movie.

You can call for help at the comfort of your couch

Let’s say you’ve bought this printer, and on it there’s a QR code. Few weeks later, the printer starts misbehaving. With your smartphone, you can scan the printers QR codes and send it to the manufacturer, and voila! They look into the issue and have your printer fixed.

Isn’t it amazing how QR codes can simplify your life?

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did you hear the word voila today?

You do realize we have been using QR codes for years now.
From MVisa to Safaricom’s Buy Goods

Bro,You probably not aware we have browsers that lets you scan QR codes…and not necessarily third party apps. So allow me to school you

Have you ever used QR in a manner described in the article??? Probably not

You do realize half the movie theaters in Nairobi use QR Codes like in Westgate, Whatsapp Web, SGR tickets etc which are exactly as described.
Been there done that. Still doing it.