Why pull down this thread?

@Nakuru 001 posted something quite interesting and devastating if true. Why was it pulled down?

hii hapana…

Clean and credible elections is what we need. Mtu akichengwa atulie. This country is bigger than Uotp and Rwnbp -Saitoti

I’ve downloaded the image. Ikitolewa narudisha.

Anyone can claim and say anything on the internet …without evidence ni kazi bure

Anyone can be anything online. This is a serious allegation and requires proof

coward of the county,@admin,toa hii meffi

I’ve always had the same thought. This could be used to rig the presidential vote when rogue IEBC officials and candidate agents agree to do so in the so called Nasa and jubilee strongholds.

You guys get serious. As Deorro has complained in a other thread on nutrition, without evidence this is just a hekaya. We have to be careful what we post and tolerate.

Why doesn’t Nakuru take that evidence to court and file a suit like everyone else ?

This is an information platform. Weka hapa, kijiji ichambue, and the necessary authorities will take it up. Information suppression isn’t the way to go. Furthermore, any evidence that will be posted here will be tainted as photoshop or fake news. So its a case of damned if you do damned if you don’t.

We have to be careful not to generalize that filter. Here we are talking about sensitive information regarding elections which is why we can’t put it in the same bucket as nutrition I’ve mentioned above.

tuseme tu ouru aedele 3 more yrs then tujipatie time tukigoja tukue na 100% perfect election coz at this rate tutashindia kitu moja na people are waiting to make investment decisions after August poll.

Hii mambo ya evidence pia mna exaggerate. Hata mtu akikosana na bibi and they need advice ati weka evidence.

For the above to happen ,it means it has to occur after polling stations are closed,what about the party agents that are present, won’t they notice the monkey business?

Assume that this is happening in a remote area where its a stronghold and there’s no voter for raila…

I bet Jubilee is planning to steal like this too…Jubilee si ni masterminds…

I worked with the same kits and right now the system has changed so i don’t see that happening

Observers and party agents watakua wapi wen this is happening

Mouraythee is only a slightly more informed/educated version of Muchunu.
Their thought process is warped beyond redemption.

If Americans can claim their election was rigged via hacking, who are we to trust electronic devices used during voting? If we want 100% rig-proof election, let’s go the mlolongo way.