Why property prices in Nairobi and neighboring counties will actually stagnate or fall in the next five to ten years

I bet that as WSR’s networks settle down in various Government departments and start doing their thing, the loot collected will be invested in some faraway farm in Bomet, Kericho, Eldoret, etc and not in Mburoti Maguta Magutas that have exploded since Kibaki took over. The looters in his and Kamwana’s system were the ones hiding their loots in such investment vehicles that do not make any financial sense… Now the chicken have returned home to roost after being routed out fron end of 2002… Let us review this if we’ll be here soon…

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This is what people have been saying since 20 years ago…wewe shinda hapo ukingoja

There is real change this time round… I can bet that the investment patterns of these and Cendro looters is very very different…

Policy change is what could lead to this eg idle land tax, rental tax hike to eg 30/40%< ridiculous land rates etc.

I think that opening up cities adjacent to Nairobi, by building a really good road network, will give Nairobians the option of living in those cities, while working in Nairobi. This will stabilize property prices, because demand pressure will reduce. However I don’t think prices will come down.

House hold and Electrical Items are cheap in Eldoret than Nairobi.
Plus 10years to come …Arror will open more market for Nothern people

Nobody is interested in stabilizing property prices.

Expound pris

But they will anyway.

Kwani @Azor Ahai hana chakusema in this thread?

we shall are back to agro economy, property prices will not reduce but rather stabilize and remain stagnant in areas around Nairobi.
But if you have some idle cash buy big upcountry. Or invest in agro value addition.

Rental prices will reduce especially with the ambitious low cost housing by ruto.

It will happen by default. The roads being built eg Nairobi expressway, the bypasses, Ngong Suswa highway are making it possible to travel to Nbi in minutes from surrounding cities. It will no longer be necessary to live close to the CBD. And it will be cheaper.

No. Nairobi is set to become even more expensive. Those who cannot afford will move out to these satellite towns. And those who live in the satellite towns will eventually be pushed out further. It’s already happening. Show me one area in Nairobi showing signs of dropping rents.

My comments earlier is that rents will not come down but prices will stabilize. It is no longer just going up in parabolic fashion. You are right about Satellite towns directly next to the city. But go further than that, area opens up like in elliptical form. That is, the rate of people moving close to cbd, is lower than that of those moving to adjacent towns. Just look closely at your map, for example theres a guy who operates daily from Kyumvi in Machakos. 45 minutes, hes in Westlands. Cheap land.

Understood. It will be cheaper in comparison to Nairobi, yes, but the prices will still continue rising as long as Nairobi has cash and as long as we open up to foreign money. The “foolish” demand will remain.

The opposite may happen. Looting in counties will make sure opportunities will only remain in Nairobi, as it has been since 1963. That will push more people to the city.

Not that it will be a deliberate move but a coincidental one…

It will be 100% deliberate. Did you not see how Ruto laughed loudly and sarcastically, when Optiven was mentioned?