Why people eat rats

Naona wajinga hapo comments thinking that rats being a delicacy is why?

The real reason and the survival it took. The rats are the only meat you can trust

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Any intelligent fellow knows hapa kuna mbirrions ama kifo.

They eat rat because they hungry

The real creature spreading disease ain’t really the rat. Sometimes the rat is your friend.


Unajua wa Kuria ukula ticks.


Explains a lot. Unakula kupe inayokukula.


Yeah they boil them. They say it has a very mineral taste like liver.


Will this be the food agenda Odinga the most violent wannabe warlord in Africa will be campaigning on? It’s a fair question since you are his de facto spokesman.

The man who has never conceded all of sijui six elections can preside over what? Africa has dealt with better fools than him for long enough.

The octogenarians should count how many of them are still standing in Africa, maybe less than 2 percent. Who can he lead a part from ancestors who he fcuked all of them. Obasanjo and them Biafra war murderers can’t endorse him for sh1t in AU.

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Next Au chairman is Raila, take that to the bank and request a mortgage. Position is given per votes. He has negotiated with the whole of East and South Africa.

Raila also retired. He didn’t word it as so, to mess with haters low IQ brains. He’s gone. Au position is just that. That y’all are still worried about him means he lives rent free in your brains.

Rest assured Odinga is a passing fart. Africa is on a different trajectory.

Kenya ni ndiasa juu na Africa knows. You should know the contempt our fellow Africans have for us in UN sembuse AU.

Soon Odinga will be world president running for UN. :smiley: as he is bigger than the world maybe even running for Jehovah wanyonyi. I personally think he can make UN better chance with ndiasa juu ya Kenya. That way u brother can call him world president.

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Kama umewai kula rabbit you will understand

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Rabbit hata mkisema ni rodent sio panya. Panya is way more adapted, aggressive and intelligent.

They feed on panya as it can quickly detect and adapt to the large-scale chemical poisoning of kina agent orange and avoid its effects I think and locals learn to trust it’s meat.

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Truly horrific

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Pitbulls hawakulangi panya.

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What’s the difference between a rat and a rabbit.

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Uliza AI, otherwise u already answered yourself by your question by differentiating the nouns yourself.

But I will fancy you asking that philosophically as I presume you are not a fool.

What is the difference between you and a rat or and a rabbit.

Kula panya si issue nyama tamu kama sunguch plus mkia unatumia kama toothpick