Why P#ssy Isn’t The Holy Grail!

I’ve been reading a ton of your emails this morning, and I’m sitting here thinking to myself, “So many of these guys treat pu#sy like it’s the Holy Grail. Having sex with a woman is like winning the Super Bowl for you. It’s like getting the pick six in the lottery. You put pu#sy so high on a pedestal that by the time you get it you feel like you’ve won the Super Bowl.

When I read your emails and you talk about “Getting laid. And getting to f#’k as many women as possible,” I think to myself, where’s the connection? Are these women just holes to you? Are they just conquests?

Are they just a way you can validate yourself? Is it how you stop yourself feeling insecure? Is that what it is? Is pu#sy a trophy to you?

Because if it’s a trophy I might as well start a whole different business. I might as well just get a trophy, get a vagina engraved on it, of course most guys want it bald so we’ll leave it bald. And underneath we can have your name engraved under it. It will say, “Jim Williams – You achieved pu#ssy!”

We can put the dates on it for you, and every time you have sex, we’ll put another date on there so your trophy looks even better. You notice now in football players have a ton of stuff on their helmet because they keep being voted player of the game and other things?

We could do that for you. We can actually put a special helmet on you.
Then every time you have sex we can give you a sticker for your helmet. Pu#sy is not the Holy Grail, yet so many of you act like it is. The Holy Grail is connecting, falling in love with a woman, and getting so know someone so deeply you have the most amazing soul sex. If you keep treating pus#y as the Holy Grail you’re just going to end up having boring sex. Honestly, it’s no better than jerking off. And let’s not start talking about your masturbation issues. We’ll leave that for another post.
Start thinking about how you can connect with women, and forget about the Holy Grail. Forget about the outcome. I want you for the next 30 days of your life to start thinking of how to connect with everyone you talk to.

When you’re out on a date, I want you to forget about when to kiss her, or when to touch her, and concentrate on building trust and connection. Watch how your whole life changes. If any of you want that trophy instead just let me know. I know some of the guys in my office would get a real kick out of sending it out to you.

Fuck love them hoes aint loyal

I’m sorry someone violated your vagina…

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I refuse to believe any sentence in that write up. Coz it ain’t your own @Kawama
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