Why now?



kumbe kartel wako mpaka kwa desk…shindwe

And Gatheca is among them

I would shoot in the head a monkey that would present that near me

Beautiful…naona private schools wakinunua

really ?

Hii Kenya cartel ndio kusema even if you’re to make covid vaccine it still be rejected due to your education background,sijui family background and place of origin

that couldnt be the only reason they were rejected

Nani anapanda cypress trees? Kitunguu lazima inukishwe.

Half baked Reporting

Kenya = [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=7]Gangsta[/SIZE][SIZE=7] [/SIZE][COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)][SIZE=7]Paradise[/SIZE]

Zinakaa fiti…and from a quickly regenerating source…Lazima iko watu walileta truck loads of cypress from Tz and making bank

Bamboo is one of the most bio-sustainable source of wood (amongst its other many uses). It’s use should be encouraged, not frowned upon.

but entrepreneurs who use bamboos wanaweka mashida zao kwa bei …some of their prices are not realistic

Directive ilisema cypress… lakini watu walichukua hiyo kazi ni mafala, hakuna profit watamake infact cypress imeongeza bei sai

Backward thinking by the officials.

Bamboo is fast growing and sustainable sources of wood and energy.