Why not just give these houses to the poor?

These houses below should just be given away to the poor for free! Some of these mega cities/skyscrapers in Mongolia were built in the late 90s and no one has ever lived there. Today they are just rotting away unused.

I thought socialism was about sharing and distributing the wealth to all. Deng Xiaoping said that China’s new capitalism should never bring polarization.
Oh well, this new Chinese wealth seems to be bringing in extreme inequality and polarization. There are people living in hovels even sharing beds, going to very congested hospitals whereas just across the street there are thousands of empty apartments, whole malls and brand new but empty mega hospitals.
One poor guy in video 2 is so bitter he says he’d rather not comment. His job is to sell these apartments and in the evening go back and share a bed with another dude because he can’t afford to live in the ghost city. He shares a small apartment with other grown men.

Rich politically connected, govt. guys building roads in the Third world are the ones buying up the empty houses for future speculation.






There’s a ghost city in Angola too , built by the Chinese

One of the causes of riots in Hong Kong today is lack of adequate affordable housing. There’s an old man in video 2 who states the obvious : China’s inequality will breed hatred followed by possible revolutions.
Ingekuwa mimi I would move there by force, if evicted narudi tena na tena. Mara ya mwisho nachoma hio building. They should squat by force, those are their taxes at work.

no comment.

i read china has 50 million unoccupied houses. Tunaeza hamia huko Kenya mzima na kila mtu awe na his or her own house.

NV ukivuta bangi hutulii

Yammassoukouru •sp• is a ghost capital city of ivory coast

This is coming to Nairobi. There are brand new apartment buildings that have had empty units for months and years.
Kenyan speculators/investors mainly in diaspora buy those units to rent them out but sometimes cannot find anybody to rent to because the rent they demand is too damn high. And because those guys in diaspora have lots of cash reserves and are still working they can afford to let the apartment stay vacant for years.
We are headed there.

Kilamba now is thriving . Ignore the negative press from Western media.