Why new HIV prevalence is highest among married people in Kenya than gey and prostitutes combined

Lifted from a Facebook group, sembuse mukhisa”” I have been married for 15 years and have 3 kids. 14, 12 & 6, all girls. My wife discovered that I was cheating on her with a workmate late last year. She confronted me and I confessed that I had not only cheated but the lady is pregnant. She is due next month in July. Here is the issue, my wife too cheated on me and is expecting her Ex’s child. Im not sure how long they have been together… I have never suspected her! Her expected delivery is in November this year! I am a very angry man, I told her to have an abortion but amekataa; she told me to tell “my slay queen” to have an abortion, if she does then my wife will. Of course the lady can’t have an abortion, she is a single lady and is excited about having the baby! I am saved and I hate divorce, God hates divorce too. I’m confused, my wife’s Ex is a married man! This whole situation sucks! My own kids are so excited that we are having another baby, they think the child is mine, what kind of situation is this? I have been praying that it’s just a terrible dream. Sasa nifanye nini mimi? Please Hide my Identity otherwise aibu ni mbaya . and I’m a huge fan of yours…

Even the Bible allows men to cheat. Not women.

I dipped my man in 5 women…Two colleagues and classmates…After testing negative…I love myself more…Thouh I love pussy…wacha stress ikae.,Btw am allergic to rubber that’s why

…I always advise this " Never start what you cannot finish"
Mkuki kwa nguruwe kwa binadamu mchungu.
What were they thinking? Both the man and his wife acted selfishly. Wabebe mizigo yao polepole.

You are allergic to rubber? What about ARVs?

Get Ur point

Hapo umemaliza yeye kapsaa.