Why Mt Kenya will vote for baba in 2022


Watu hawana anything to say on this thread?

Like I once said on another thread titled ‘like ruto’, the powers that be are exactly using a script,instead of uhuru showing up with Raila,first he can attend small target group functions,like a billionaires meeting,musicians thanksgiving,a family funeral…later on he will cascade down to church meetings,bodaboda/chamas meetings,…it provides a window to adjust and finetune things,before you know it the headlines will be like ‘largest turn out ever as the mountain embraces Son of jaramogi’


Luopeans like @Swansea get very excited when someone praises Raila.

Tis a pity that @Swansea is today a shemale. He recently got reassignment surgery whereby his foreskin was turned inwards into a vagina. This LGBTQIA+ shenanigans are going too far. Kenyans shouldn’t engage in such queer behaviours.

Mutahi is just doing his job. Whether he believes what he posts is another matter

Mutahi is ALWAYS right. He was right on Tyranny of Numbers in 2013 and 2017. He is also right about 2022.

Anyone who still believes Raila can become president comes off as a very low IQ dog who understands very little, especially on matters politics.

Mudavadi, Kalonzo and even Gedion Moi have better chances of becoming president(s) than Raila.

Meanwhile, hatuna mengi. Tunasema tu be ready for Ruto’s presidency.

he has a valid point , mountain tuko nyuma ya Raira

The only thing that will cascade down is his health

Mjamaa relax leo ni Sunday hakuna haja ya kukunja ngumi. Make peace not war.

What are the interests of the mountain?as far as making peace with kalenjins is an issue,it was sorted the day ruto became dp,even no one is going to go after his loot…it will now be beneficial to have an old son of jaramogi at statehouse for five years…look at it and think,kikuyus will be free

Give us another Luo. The Mountain will vote for him but not Tinga.