Why Mt Kenya Ladies Have Loose Pussies???

Unlike ladies from other tribes in kenya, kikuyu ladies have borehole for a pussy.
This is the third time now within three months,i met a kiuk lady a fortnight ago and we became friends. After few days i invited her to my house,one thing led to another and it was time for penetration, damn i couldn’t believe myself , it was like thika super highway.
And by the way i have cassava for mjulubeng,so that not the issue

Go fuck manly women from western then.

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si uwachane tu na kikuyu ladies uendee wale wako tight, you are complicating a simpo solution

3 out of?

Why so much bile? i was just talking from experience

Umeffi thread, some of the tightest ive ever encountered were them. The biggest boreholes were lakeside queens.

Investorde wewe nii ng’ombe tafauti ni nini?

That mathafaka is generalizing kikuyu daughters from 3 out of millions.

Can’t generalize any tribe. Like jana nilikula mkamba alikua mtamu kama sunguch


I have slept with 17 in total the last one year, all of them had super highway for a pussy

:D:D:D… this posts betrays you. Own goal.

All matters here are relative …
A Big Dick will call a normal Pussy tight …
A Small Dick will call a normal Pussy a Super Highway …

You have to compere Apples with Apples … :smiley: :smiley:


… :D:D:D:D umeona mbali sana

A Small Dick will call a normal Pussy a Super Highway …

Then my nigga you’re the problem. Ni vile tu wewe ni mjinga unaweza choma, I would have given you a few contacts of wasap ladies with very tight pundesh

17 boreholes? And yet you keep going back?
Sisyphus comes to mind.

This place kumejaa watoto wadogo na virruh ndogo Ndogo. :smiley:

Sasa …
Enda jaribu hii Moto Moto Kabisa …

I know a bunch of guys who swear it is the best they have EVER had … :D:D:D


Mi nilikuambia unipatie digits ya huyu kitambo…bado nangoja…nitakua sumbua mpaka ukubali brathe :D:D

Nitupie namba master