Why Mpenda was banned from the village


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First pic .

Second from left takes the crown kitu swafiii

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hehehe @digi angusha zile picha tena wanaume waumie.unazoewa

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This takeover by these glorified hippos is actually disgusting. It was funny initially but of late they’ve got more and more brazen. Let’s not glorify obesity please because as I saw the last few months nikiwa ziara zangu shanzu,mikocheni these hippos are really overdoing this shit! All.up in ur face in some tight stuff it’s actually disgusting esp the elderly ones with their breasts all.out and Michelin design feeling all my dress my choice. Pure nonsense, jivalie hivi kwako mama mzima ako uchi kujitangaza mbele za kila mtu kisha wataka wapewe heshima by force. Wawache kutuchafua mecho. Yachosha sana. End of Freakn rant!!!

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A war in hell continues, He wants to be Satan…


ukonda utakumalisa