Why Most Businesses Fail

If you look at many businesses in Kenya, wamama wamechukua many top positions juu ya umaraya na horny losers.

That is the main problem we face. Most bitches lose their shit at times for months and bring their confusion to the business premises.

Unatapata kamama kamehangaisha Wafanyikazi a whole month juu her favorite character in a Nigerian movie aliteswa or some shit.

Men need to be in charge for a country to thrive.


@Makamasi Do You have any credible proof to substantiate on this nonsense that you have posted… At times, you guys really amaze me, ni kama hamna mabibibi, mothers, sisters, and even daughters…

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My proof is that America is the most developed economy in the world, and 90% oif their business leaders are men

If that’s true then take it as an opportunity

Are you sure this is not a clear reflection of the glass ceiling effect that is prevalent in most corporate setups in Mayuu…

the glass ceiling is made-up nonsense by under achieving heifers to explain their failure, it’s not true, we all know American women get preferential treatment in all aspects of their country. There is nowhere else in the world, where women have as many rights and freedoms, and overt and covert protection from discriminations as in America. The boogeyman of a secret cabal of men with actual testicles working tirelessly to bring down successful women does not have a standing in reality or fact.

First of all, holders of senior positions male or female know there is no discernible reason to discriminate capable human beings. Every example they portray of the stereotypical man who puts down women is always of an uneducated fool who has no real power in modern society, so yes, there is no glass ceiling at the top. Only at the bottom.