Why Men Walk Away from their babies

This week I’ve been forced to agree with of all people mgtow. And don’t quote me kesho coz I will deny I ever said this. Ladies Enyewe the buck stops with you. Last week it was a lady not a man asking Wea to get abortion pills. This week kids are falling apart on national TV bcz their dad’s are nowea. Then like a coincidence I came across a youtube channel of a woman who isn’t even 30 with 9 kids and she’s a single mom, the recent guy left her with 7 months pregnancy. I am always on women side but on this, it’s time for some tough love. How in the hell do you get 9 kids with different men and you are blaming the men?

Anyway, here’s the thing and ama be crude tonyt , sex is not a recreational activity. Especially for women. It’s some dead serious shit that brings human life to planet earth OK? So understand that as a woman your right to choose ends at you open your legs. After that be ready for anything coz condoms and contraceptives and morning afters fail. Some kids are very determined to make it to planet earth. So now after you are pregnant, that is a human life, a human being with a right to life like you. So if I can’t kill you because you are inconvenient say you are disabled and you are my sibling and you must depend on me so I am not ready for that. I can’t poison you. You have a right to live. Same with the baby. So if you don’t want babies, don’t have sex. That is exercising your right to choose and the rest ni kubahatisha. Because if you see the life coming down the pique you can’t say oh I have a right to chose whether that kid gets to live or not. No! Your right to choose ended after got pregnant. And you become a parent for life, Yaani wacha marriage which you can divorce or separate. Being a parent is the real till death do us part kind of commitment, if your child is special needs they could be dependent on you for life. That’s how serious it is. Wacha niachie hapo coz it’s annoying to talk about. Watch the vid


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So why do men walk away from their babies, as per your title?

women of today are like incubators tell her u love her and those legs will be spread 180 degrees. have some cash they will be spread further 180 degrees. meanwhile I av observed every biatch I meet on the street is pregnant some as young as 19 .by the end of two years Kenyan population will have tripled ,oxygen will become a rare commodity we will be fainting anyhowly. lucky I have cash and will be buying o2 supplies

I hope you are mulling

Duhhh!!! Because they can? Because they don’t have a conscience? Because they are not attached to the child? But some women na kuzaa, I am beginning to think it’s an addiction to kids and men are just like drug dealers who supply their drug of choice which is kids. Like this woman has 9 kids in 10 years between 17 and 27 she’s been pg every year and she’s single.

You know that lady has a mental disorder.

Young women are disillusioned. They look at married folk and they are like there’s nothing to look forward to bcz the discipline and respect that married folk had is gone.Husband wife kila mtu ako na mpango ya kando. Sponyos ndio hao. So they are just there. They don’t see the value of keeping sex for marriage or even kids. It’s like if you are a woman you are screwed any which path you take. So short of a strong moral fiber and hope in God and an afterlife. It’s just a life of apathy and hedonism. It’s a very horrible to lose hope wen you are young. Bcz you do not care. You just self destruct.

:D:D ni pombe imekolea?

Pewa kikombe ya uji kwa bill yangu!

So do all these black American male and female with over 15 kids all have mental disorders? And why isn’t it a disorder when it’s a poor woman in Kibera having child after child or in Coast, Giriama, piss poor and you have so many kids. Lunjes, jangos, Giriama even whites. Are all these people mentally ill? I was watching a documentary about Kibera. One family had so many small kids that they all sleep on one bed like 8 kids they look like rats. They were moslem. The dad hupika samosa and he’s like he’s a proud dad. And I was like these guys can’t afford two kids. They can’t afford themselves

Two very different traditions/cultures. In the US, typically a woman has one or two kids. Find a woman with 10 and there is most likely a reason why. Religion or some kind of undiagnosed mental disorder. As for American men, it usually goes along the line of taking very little responsibility for their actions. But thats a topic by itself. Now as for Africans, we still have a male dominated society. Miseducation and, man makes decisions doesnt want wife on birth control plays a part for many kids.

Let’s not lie to ourselves, Men simply walk away not because of the baby but because of the woman. Because she makes it unbearable to stay or in most Kenyan cases, she tried to trap him and he got wind of it.

Actually in African American communities especially poor ones the minimum is 4 kids and average is like 6 kids. Per a woman. Since men die young or go to jail early, they start having kids by age 15 on average so one man can have 10,20,30,40 even 50 kids. Wacha nilete evidence. My question is what is the correlation between poverty and children bcz rarely will you find people who are not poor having the numbers poor people have. Also most people married to one person don’t get many kids like single parents do. Like in the black community. So it’s like when there’s economic or emotional turmoil you over compensate for it by having children. I remember one guy who had 20 kids from one wife, a Kenyan, piss poor, the guy said he did not have a dad or any siblings growing up so he wanted many kids of his own.

30 kids, 11 baby mommas how do you keep up


34 kids


Correct I am sure men Also know that children are very good investments.You can’t just leave investments without good reasons.